Thursday, November 5, 2020

Election Predictions and Model of DNC Strategy

As with anyone respectable, my twitter account gets locked regularly, so election commentary goes here this time around.

"Current [2016] prediction: Trump is going to win the but lose the competitive playoff. Trump gets the mandate of people, but not heaven."

I was wrong that time.

They learned better for this time. Don't try to guess how much fraud they need. Measure, then cut. Last time they guessed and Trump overperformed so hard it wasn't enough.

I wasn't really wrong! I was just jumping the gun, right guys...

"I keep saying it. The reason there isn't a conviction in the news every election is because they get away with it." Gonna say I called that one.

Okay, here's my model of the play:

1. Run whoever, it doesn't matter. The votes are made up. Save any good candidates for later.

2. Riot. Show that if someone protests the election, it will get violent. Demonstrate they can put plenty of boots in the streets. 

3. Blatantly steal the election. Dare the electorate to contest it. 

Trump may start fight back with like moves instead of wordy words, but I don't know what he will think a reasonable response is, so I can't make any concrete predictions about how his response will work out for him. I would have spent 2017 severely tightening voting security, ref: my previous post. I can't properly understand the mind of someone who just lets this happen to him again. 

"'s candidacy is going to break "Consent of the Governed" one way or another. Elect Hillary. Or not. Or fraud her in. is over."

Even Trump will have realized that contesting this election has a high chance of bringing the house down. And he's a staunch American patriot. Will he also realize it could well be even worse not to contesting it?

"Short story about 2016. Pundits predicted Hillary. And they were right to do so. Usually Demobrat is almost cancelled by Republicant . However, Rs certainly weren't going to bat for Trump."

"I still [2019] think Trump will lose due to overwhelming ."

That said, my track record for predicting things like elections is not great. For elections in particular it's downright bad. Though what's life without a little risk, you know?

"On one hand, it's been [September 2016] proven to my satisfaction that American elections are fraudulent. On the other, vs. divine right."

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