Thursday, November 12, 2020

Proggies Fear Court Attention

Correctly, it is a confession. Every time the Progressives try to avoid looking at the vote counts, they admit there is something to find. They're saying they believe they would lose in the courts, else they would welcome the challenge. When they demand you accept the election they confess they cannot defend against those who reject it.

For completeness they could also be claiming that Trump owns the courts, but let's simply laugh at that counterfactual and move on.

Imagine someone challenged you to a duel and then said, "It's wrong to shoot at my feet." You just learned how to win the duel, now didn't you? 

Trump's legacy shall be that regular Americans realize they're living in a banana republic. Sorry North America, you did it first, South America was merely following your lead, as is meet for subject principalities of the Empire.

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