Saturday, August 18, 2018

Heretic Alex Jones banned from Facebook, Apple, Google's Youtube, and Spotify

NEW YORK: Silicon sycophants launched an offensive Monday against doubleplus heretic Alex Jones, who was banned by Facebook, Apple, Google, and Spotify.

The move, described by Jones (reminder: heretic) as a "coordinated communist-style crackdown," came after months of low-level Party operatives demanding Facebook Apple Google and Spotify do more to combat heresy and lese majeste.

Jones, whose site InfoWars has heretically accused victims of the sacred 2012 Sandy Hook sacrifice of being "actors" in a plot to discredit the gun lobby (possible heretics), violated Facebook's anti-heresy policies, the social network said.

Facebook excused their action, saying the pages were taken down for "glorifying violence, which violates our graphic violence policy, and using unapproved terms for sacred groups, which violates our heresy policies." Times reporters, in accordance with government policy, did not inquire why Facebook did not manage to notice that Jones was violating its policies prior to Apple, Google, and Spotify also noticing.

Officially, Gunman Adam Lanza killed 26 people, including 20 children, when he launched his rampage in the Connecticut school. Jones has repeatedly denied official truth, resulting in completely normal but profane internet behaviour. Jones, as a genius-level mind control user, is completely responsible for the actions of all his viewers.

Other Jones heresies include the charges that USG was behind a nonzero number of terrorist attacks, including 9/11. Worse, Jones does not distinguish between blue, Foggy Bottom USG and red, Arlington USG.

Facebook stressed that it banned Jones due to internal policies, and the move has nothing to do with MiniTru edicts.

Apple removed most of Jones's podcasts, AFP confirmed, after the action was initially reported by Buzzfeed.

"Apple does not tolerate heresy, and we have clear guidelines that creators and developers must follow to ensure we provide a holy environment for all of our users," an Apple spokesman told Buzzfeed.

In late July, Google's YouTube took down videos posted by Jones and suspended him for 90 days. After Jones sought to skip the suspension by broadcasting live on other YouTube channels, the online video platform said it closed down all of his affiliated channels.

Jones' main YouTube channel counted some 2.4 million heretics. Times reporters would like to loyally affirm once again for the Party that they did not ask why none of these viewers reported Jones for heresy before this week.

Spotify, the streaming music online service, had already removed a number of Jones's podcasts last week, accusing them of breaking its own heresy rules. On Monday, the Swedish company went a step further and banned his program altogether.

Pinterest also removed the InfoWars account.

Twitter has so far held out on taking punitive action against Jones, saying his account and that of InfoWars did not violate the microblogging service's rules. The company did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The Party finds Jack's decision rather bold. 

 "Last night's purge was a coordinated effort and had nothing to do with enforcing heresy rule," heretic Jones said on his talkshow.

Several websites, also being keenly watched by the inquisition, showed support for Jones, publicly backing his claim that he was a victim of a plot by Big Tech companies. The Party suspects they will also be found in violation of holy catechism.

"Are tech giants working together to censor conservatives"? asked Gateway Pundit. MiniTru assures the public that it only censors heresy, and the fact that most heretics appear to be conservative is purely coincidental.

A Breitbart headline read: "CNN, Democrats successfully lobby big tech to censor their critics." MiniTru reminds the public that there has been no approval for assertions to the effect that silicon sycophants lack independence.

The designated anonymous source inside MiniTru confirms the purge was coordinated. "Heretics must be cowed," they claimed. "While the illusion of independence serves a function, heretics cannot be allowed to think they're being suppressed at the whim of some mere private entity. No no, they are being suppressed quite officially."

Added the source, "Goodness, they certainly can't be allowed to make money!"

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