Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Ancestral Sophist

Much of my gene pool is obviously inherited from a proud defecting tradition. My conscience is unmistakably dissonant with and foreign to most of my impulses, I constantly 'forget' rules that go against me but rarely the ones that support me, I oppose physical bullying but not intellectual bullying, and so on.

Much of my moral philosophy is figuring out how to restrain myself. I observed the behaviour of certain blood-related individuals and really didn't like it, but I was wise enough to realize I'm apt to behave the same way.

Note that isn't a virtuous impulse. I happen to really enjoy feeling superior to those folk via not behaving like them.

Currently, my moral philosophy pretty simple: cooperate with cooperators, defect on defectors.

Result: my brain threw up, "Anyone assuming I'm stupider than they are is defecting on me." More or less carte blanche. Thanks brain.

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