Monday, May 15, 2017

Doomcore is The Way Out

Doomcore is perhaps the most powerful seditious propaganda. Proggies cling to power because they think it can be saved. If it became widely known that Western Civilization in its modern constitution is doomed, they become sad, backward-looking relics.

Hopeless desperation is not high status.
Pointless effort is personally demoralizing.
They would surrender without having to kill everyone.

the future will feel like this
There is no other way out that doesn't involve mass death. Civil war: half every country is dead or enslaved. Economic collapse: farms with no electricity or fertilizer; famine, down to preindustrial levels. Welfare families have expanded beyond their self-sustainable levels and if it is interrupted they will die back to the sustainable levels. Sans vigorous suppression, xeno'phobia' is apt to lead to lethal pogroms levelled at unassimilated immigrants and anyone who looks like them.

The challenge: doomcore is dark knowledge. If Western Civilization in its modern constitution is doomed, that includes you. You must personally divorce your own culture. Everything you learned growing up in suspect. Most of it is probably trash. Every habit, every project, every impulse must be re-examined, and you will find most of them were counterproductive. Can you do that? Yes. But you don't think it's necessary. You will realize it's necessary only too late, because humans' true species name is homo hypocritus hubristis.

It's time to give up. It's over. It isn't, just barely, too late to start over. The only good news is the critical mass of fundamental dissenters isn't very large, and the above personal divorce is all they need. However, the mass death will scale with the percentage of clingers.

Most of Civilization is rotten, but rot can be scraped off, and the seeds of what once was healthy can still be rescued. If you want a more precise metaphor, we can feed the corpse to the scavengers and use the fertilizer to grow something new. Elements can be recycled. But first we have to admit the thing is dead. We have to admit we don't know exactly what killed it.

The left? The right existed before our left. And lost.

Christianity? Christianity existed before democracy. And lost.

Bad parenting? There's a case to be made for the black death making too many orphans. But if so, bad parenting is already very old, not new. I personally bet on it going all the way back to Pandora's Seed.

Every single habit, from personal to international, must be tested with horrifying stringency. Only a few will survive the meatgrinder. There will be holes, in which new habits must be created. The new habits will then have to be tested, because by God it is time the West learned it can't decide for itself what Gnon likes. The West was demonstrably too weak. This isn't even the first time.

The West, everywhere, in all its forms, deserves to lose confidence. In this, Progressives are absolutely correct. However, it must be a controlled descent, or it will crash into foreign armies. It is necessary to lose confidence intentionally, specifically for the purposes of deserving to have confidence again.


Anti-Gnostic said...

The way out is for people to navigate through this world on their own accord. If you want to live as a "doomer and gloomer", go right ahead. No one is stopping you. Ultimately, we will do what is best for us, our families, and our nation.

Alrenous said...

You really won't. You will run headlong into a wall and splatter your brains all over the place.

Anonymous said...

So, we must die to ourselves in order to live?

Imagine that.

anon said...

The problem is we have dna selected hundreds of thousands of years ago which can be triggered in novel ways by chance in modernity or by those who have figured ways to hack it. Patches and apps we developed like religion capitalism socialism politics have now also run their course or become problems of their own. Until we can edit our instincts we will have this problem and fixes will be temporary. A major trend is many of our fixes worked well while they acrued to euromen alone but when the world got smaller the accrual was hacked by outsiders.The simplest quickest fix is to return to being an ethnostate of self interest its the oldest hack in the book tried and true to the biologic reality. Fixes that involve inventing new civilizations like stalin and moldbug not so predictable.Dont get triggered but while admiring capitalism's evolutionary like mechanics its at least as much the cause of the rot as socialism in fact above the level of socialism and capitalism even apes posses its not clear socialism can exist outside a capitalist system, you never see them apart and socialism dies if it kills the host, modern socialist have teamed up with capitalists in the new globalist system of racial redistribution

Alrenous said...

"like Stalin and Moldbug"
Lenin decided to try his experiment on an entire society at once. Almost as if he wasn't interested in how it turned out.
Moldbug's can be trialled on a microcosm.
The rulers love it when you blame capitalism. Capitalism, among anglo-saxons, is what you get if you leave people alone. Not leaving individualists alone, as per public choice theory, is always worse.

Anonymous said...

This is an old thread and I apologise for the necromancy.

Civilisation killed itself. Marriage as a technology is great - it gives each man the head of a little tiny hierarchy. "King in his own home", you ken, extracting maximum productivity.

This is, firstly, dysgenic, as your *average* man then gets to breed.
Second, it makes women resentful (it shows them very clearly their actual value - ie, not good enough to breed with an ACTUAL King) thus, feminism.

Nietzsche is right and man is something to be overcome, but how?

Alrenous said...

The average man gets kids, yes, but does not get grandkids. The kids get famine'd and that's that.

This is why I like welfare-plus-sterilization. Have untrammelled economic competition, but the loser, who can no longer afford to feed himself, gets a consolation prize. It is now possible to hand out death without pain. Assuming he's willing to ensure his profane genes end with him.