Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Attitudes to Math vs. Logic

Modern Western culture is often considered pathological because of Progressivism. Progressivism == Modern == disease. While the previous identity is true, ultimately Progressivism thrives due to deeper, nonpartisan diseases.

If you google 'curl operator' you find a precise description and plenty of handles for googling more if you need to practice how it's done.

Learning critical thinking is exactly as mechanistic and objective. However, if you google a particular method such as 'look at something from multiple perspectives,' it is obvious that the pages were not written by a critical thinker, but instead consist of fluffy virtue-signalling. Or, in the best case, virtue-signalling with complicated obfuscations.

Progressivism took root because Hajnals were already the kind to leave the field of 'critical thinking' to the politicians.

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Cryptogenic said...

You only need to check the CV of almost any prof teaching Critical Thinking to see that the Critical really means "Deconstructionist." I would also point to RationalWiki and the hordes of people who say things like "Reason is just a tool, "Emotional Intelligence is just as important as IQ" and "Programmers insert their unconscious bias into algorithms." A major source of crude poz.