Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lewontin's Fallacy: Short Version

I'm very disappointed with explanations of Lewtontin's Fallacy. I will thus write a better one.
even if the probability of misclassifying an individual based on the frequency of alleles at a single locus is as high as 30 percent (as Lewontin reported in 1972)
Lewontin's fallacy is this: if one locus misclassifies a race 30% of the time, then considering two such loci reduces error to 9%, three to 3%, and so on. With roughly 30 000 loci to choose from, one can get as much accuracy as one could want.

Since the gestalt genome is correlated with race, phenotypes will also be correlated with race, as anyone who can look at skin can tell. For length, I omit caveats.

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