Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hypothetical Unified Theory of Cuckservatism

Proggies are post-theist Christians, meaning they have an all-important axis of good/evil, but don't want to admit they believe in good/evil - they're apparently-nihilist crypto-moralists. Thus it was mapped to politics, namely left/right.

I'm not exactly the first to note that s/Satan/Hitler/g. Hagiographic Hitler defines 100% rightism.

But what does this mean for Republicants? They don't deny they're on the right - that they're like Hitler. Hence their continuing defeats. Vote for not-evil, duh.

But why not? Why would anyone willingly admit/imply they're Hitleresque, at least less un-Satanic than their enemies?

This ties into a seemingly separate question: why do Republicants accept such a tiny fraction of the monetary rewards that Demobrats get? Why not convert to Demobracy?

The answer is guilt. They feel particularly holy when flagellated. Republicants, fundamentally, think they win in the next life by abasing themselves in this life. They loudly admit their wickedness so as to demand to be punished for it. Demobrats are delighted to self-righteously provide the shaming they so crave.

This is also why Republicants are so ashamed of their voters, and so tentative when they do gain office. Their voters vote for them unironically! Such sin!

Also ties into 'no enemies to the left.' Obviously, someone gooder than you isn't your enemy, and everyone more sinful than you is to be despised. If the gooder ones decide to throw you under a bus, well that can't possibly be from self-interest, it must be for the greater good.

When Walker Bush wins an election, it's as a slave running against his master. "Oh master, you have become decadent. Reflect on your failings and return to nobility." And the master reflected, summoning from within himself Obama. There was much rejoicing, and Populi saw it was Left. Not only POTUS, but the voters would be redeemed from sin rightism.

But now Trump's here to ruin the game.


Alrenous said...

Why are journalists so far left? Because they're priests. In our new enlightened age, sermons are given impersonally and broadcast, to avoid fleshy in-person weaknesses. Only the best priests are allowed to broadcast nationally.

Obviously, best priest means most holy priest means most good priest means most left priest.

Or rather, this is why everyone tolerates journalists being so far left. You would think Fox News would reveal the vast commercial opportunities in being centrist relative to America, but apparently not, judging by how many entrepreneurs pursue it.

They are in fact left because leftism is about irresponsibility, and journalism is inherently irresponsible.

Aeroguy said...

I'm don't think it's masochism that makes them that way, but the relative lack of power, but we are observing the exact same pattern of masochism and sadism that historically defined relations between Catholics and Protestants. In the initial process of protestant reformation on occasions when Catholics had power the masochist/sadist roles would reverse.