Monday, May 26, 2014

The Anarchist Data Hammer

I have a plump folder of links purely of government feverishly proving anarchists right. I would have a folder of reports of government working, but I've never found any instances. Below are eight of the former topics.

I think the mass of links got tangled in Scott Alexander's spam filter. It turns out I prefer impatience to patience, so I'm posting it here.


The implications of your own ideas bore you? Really?

When the unschooling experiment is run in the countries that have 'good' education systems, they will get the same result: schooling has negligible effect on even test-taking, let alone life satisfaction. For the reason we don't talk about. Despite your non-experimentally-supported assertion, bureaucrats are doing nothing, just as they do nothing or less than nothing in every area for which I have data. The worst is literacy. 23% of individuals booked at literate in those 90+% stats cannot read a newspaper successfully, a further 25% only with difficulty.

Sure, Dotheboys would be much cheaper than a public school. But it would be more expensive than daycare. It would at best be equal to a boarding school which admits it teaches nothing, which is strong negative marketing.

Or: Coke competes against water. If Coke starts spiking their drink, water will win. Schools should compete against libraries, against daycares, against babysitters, and against simply staying at home. Dotheboys would lose against any of these.

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