Sunday, May 4, 2014

AutoEngineering - Psychological Needs

Psychological needs don't real. Rather, personality features have maintenance costs. One of the dangers to the novice autoEngineer is noticing the expense of a needs and disabling it. There's no warning about the associated personality feature that will also be disabled. Learning can be expensive, as rebuilding personality features is difficult and sometimes impossible. However, once aware of the issue, it's easy to check because the need and the feature share a tag. They have a feeling in common. Epistemically, it's also easy to check, because disabling a personality feature likewise automatically disables the associated maintenance.

One possible exception: I recall seeing a warning on a particularly universal feature, but I can't remember what it was or even invent an example.

From a software perspective, psychological needs are exactly like physiological needs. If you disable eating, you disable life. If you disable life, you disable eating. However, physiological needs have warnings.

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