Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The 'State' of String Theory

String theory is very very wrong, though I've found a loophole. It turns out that this loophole is fascinating, but first, anarchism for spice.

String theory is wrong because it has State funding.

The State
Even people who are very evil end up doing a bunch of nice things, unintentionally or because it's necessary for their goals, just as nice people accidentally or by lack of willpower end up doing a bunch of evil things. (Are or were your roommates sadistic, or merely the standard-issue flawed human being?)

However, States actually break everything. Tax funding is a recipe for disaster, which can only be countered by huge amounts of patching effort. Why is this?

It's because States are supposed to uphold Law, but States enforce this through physical supremacy, through the military, and by extension, the police forces. In other words, States are the manifestation of might means right. If the State's might vanishes, 'right' or 'justice' also vanishes. For a State, if you cannot apply physical supremacy, your law does not apply.

This is an inherently corrupt system because it means that statements like, "I am the Law," are exactly correct. Yes, cops and kings are above the Law. We can pretend otherwise, but only as long as the cop or king allows us to. If the cops all decided to speed 50 above the limit, who is going to stop them? The army? Oh wait, the army all wants to speed too...

No, only citizens are affected by State law, and that law is might. (We do notice that good states try to approximate actual ethics very closely, and that this leads to wealth and power.) The law extends exactly as far as the might does, and the might cannot extend to itself.

Using the definition of what 'law' is supposed to be, as used in statements like 'The (x) is not above the law!" State law is a contradiction. There is not, and cannot be, any such thing. As a result, all State laws are a priori illegal, and taxation is, in fact, theft.

Explicitly, law is supposed to be the manifestation of ethics. State law is antiethical. Ergo, all State laws are the opposite of justice.

Because of this inherent hypocrisy and evil of the State, when it funds something with its evil money, it becomes corrupt, just as a State is. All the incentives are backwards. When physics got State funding a disaster became inevitable.

String Theory
String theory is obviously wrong for two reasons. It is incredible that so many well-funded physicists have completely overlooked these reasons.

First, the space is supposed to be 11-dimensional, but the strings are 1-dimensional. This would mean that the strings would never interact, as their interaction space is 11-dimensional, and their 11-dimensional intersection is always zero, by definition. (Which is what this was trying to get me to realize.)

Now, real particles are supposed to be zero-dimensional in a 3+1 D space, but real particles are only pointlike in mathematical abstraction. Real particles are smeared out over space by Heisenburg uncertainty, and always have a 3-dimensional extent. (You can look at quantum interactions as probability distributions that happen to interact stochastically.)

Incidentally Heisenburg uncertainty is an inherent property of waves, including vibrations in circular strings. Waves have a maximum certainty in momentum and position. For strings, this would mean that particles types were in fact uncertain. Other than neutrinos - which only turn into basically identical other-neutrinos - we see nothing at all even like particle type uncertainty.

String theory has to be false. It self-contradicts and also contradicts all the known evidence. The loophole is to consider string theory and loop quantum gravity to be true.

In this way, space is quantized - imagine it as a grid, even though it wouldn't be. Each quantum gravity loop is actually just space itself. Specifically, it's an 11-dimensional loop, although the connection matrix is 3-dimensional. The vibration of the loop determines what each point in space is, not what it contains. There would be a vibration for empty space, and a vibration for each particle.

The loop vibrations would discontinuously quantum jump from one loop to the next. Actually, from one loop to all neighbouring loops. Let me do an example.

A collision would be the vibration for electron actually entering the loop which was vibrating as a proton. This would cause a violent energy reaction. However, while the actual vibration for the electron moves around like a checker piece, it would constantly be radiating Quantum Field Theory (QFT) carrier particles - it would be sending the carrier vibrations into all neighbouring loops, which recall have the empty space vibration. The carrier vibrations would interact with the carrier vibrations for the proton and, through the strong force, prevent any actual collision. (However, a positron would in fact enter the loop for the electron, causing both to turn into the vibrations for gamma rays instead.)

But also, the apparently 'empty' loops have a vibration - the zero point vibration. This would constantly be propagating as well, both as a checker piece and by sending out carrier particle-vibrations. Obviously, the interaction between the zero point vibration with itself is basically nothing, causing empty space to just kind of fizz unnoticeably with itself. However, the carrier particles would most likely be dark energy.

Once again, although string theory is wrong, as often, a generalization of Hegel's thesis, antithesis, synthesis ends up not only solving the problems with both perspectives, but several others as well.

Some theses:

Materialism/Physicalism/Objectivity, String Theory, Evolution, Abortion. Copyright.


Dualism/Spiritualism/Subjectivity, Loop Quantum Gravity, Creation, Murder. Bittorrent.


The Mind Node. The 'State' of String Theory. An Upcoming Article, Which May Not Actually Get All The Way To Synthesis. Basic Ethics. IP and a Tentative Solution.

(Note that I've never read a word of Hegel.)

I'm sure that Loop-String Quantum Gravity solves several other serious problem as well. Even if not, it produces an extremely handy metaphor for talking about dark matter.

Dark matter is a vibration in the string that produces graviton-like carrier radiation but otherwise does not interact except upon a direct hit. Even on a direct hit, the vibration interaction can simply superpose upon the 'normal' matter vibration and then carry on as normal, without actually changing either vibration.

I find this a much better conception than what's usually presented - which can be summed up with "Gravity Pixies." They're everywhere, you know, they just don't normally decide to touch us, but they do have mass. See how the current evidence can't falsify this claim?


Anonymous said...

You're wrong. It is fully possible that once apon a time this was the state of string theory but at the moment, check wikipedia or look on google, there are parts of string theory that explain it in higher dimensions, superstring theory and M-theory. M-theory specifically mentions 11 dimensions, as you also mentioned in your text.

Another thing I'm wondering over is where does this information come from? You're not stating any sources and, obviously, since string theory is developing constantly then your statement is incorrect since the theory wasn't finished. Ever wondered why so many scientists didn't see the same faults that to you at the point you wrote this seems to have been rather obvious.

Alrenous said...

You're wrong.

So convincing! I'm awed.

there are parts of string theory that explain it in higher dimensions

Explain 'it' eh? Oh good, I always wanted a good explanation of 'it.'

your statement is incorrect since the theory wasn't finished

My 'statement,' eh? Err...which one, exactly?

This may be true, I suppose, but it doesn't matter. String theory is busted right now it really doesn't matter if it might be not-busted in the future.

Ever wondered why so many scientists didn't see the same faults that to you at the point you wrote this seems to have been rather obvious.


"It is incredible that so many well-funded physicists have completely overlooked these reasons."

No, no it never it occurred to me.

Also, that sentence should at least have had a question mark. Or something. I'm not entirely sure what you were going for there.

I would mention where this came from but I would conclude that you don't actually give a crap. I mean, you can't even be bothered to sign a pseudonym.

So to anyone who hasn't already made up their minds, you can read this, which I found yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Strings are one-dimensional, and there is no contradiction about them interacting in 11D spacetime.

Hopefully you can see how to classical pieces of string in normal space can collide, get tangled etc.

Also, the mechanics of string theory is quantum mechanics, don't you know that the whole point is for string theory to become a quantum theory of gravity? Therefore it string dynmics obviously obey Heisenburg's uncertainty principle.

You should learn physics, it's fun.

Alrenous said...

Therefore string dynamics obviously obey Heisenburg's uncertainty principle.

Which means it's meaningless to call them one-dimensional, but they only work with one dimension, and the theory immediately breaks.

If nothing else, their uncertainty would be wider than their diameter, or else they wouldn't even theoretically fit in 'dimensions rolled up to tightly to see.'

Hopefully you can see how to classical pieces of string in normal space can collide, get tangled etc.

Hopefully you can see that if I assume the thickness of those strings is zero, they're not strings, they don't exist.

String theory strings are one-dimensional, which means there is a contradiction to them interacting in any higher dimensional space.

You should learn philosophy. It's fun.