Friday, September 12, 2008

Cranial Repairs

In the last several years I've been doing repairs on my brain.

I brought down a bunch of functions so I could work on them, but this was at the start of the period, and I quickly found that I couldn't bring them back up again. This was pretty worrying.

It turns out well, in that the reason I couldn't bring them back up was because they really were that badly damaged. Now I've made sufficient progress that I'm getting some of the status lights to flicker green again.

This is trivially good because repairs were made...but the fact that I can make repairs is much more profoundly awesome. It means I can self-diagnose, self-test, and self-repair, without any training or indeed anyone even suggesting that I needed repair.

This likely means that you, (as in you personally) can also do this, if you want.

Do be advised that since my brain was in the same state as Voyager under heavy fire, it's likely that yours is also has serious scars. Don't bring down systems you're critically relying on, even if it looks like they're failing, because you might not be able to bring them back up.

Actually, on second thought, do. The reason you're not allowed to bring them back up is it would only cause more damage. The brain, as brains are, is self-aware, and so if it's not letting you bring stuff back up, this isn't because it's not aware of possible external failures. It's because its assessment showed that the internal damage is too excessive to justify saving whatever it is externally.

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