Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Feudalism - individualism - Sith

Communism - collectivism - Jedi

Responsibility vs. irresponsibility. Ownership vs. non-ownership.


Every Jedi is merely a Sith which is lying about being Jedi. They seek personal power in pursuit of their individual selfish emotions. Every communist is a feudal lord who lies about their goals and intentions as a way of forestalling resistance. Collectivism is individualism with extra illusionary steps. There is thus a sense in which the political spectrum is in fact a horseshoe. Every communist wishes to create, ultimately, a perfect feudal order where they, individually and personally, own everything.

The Jedi order is merely a complex way of obfuscating these intents and laundering these efforts. You can tell for sure; while an attempt to incarnate one's will is not necessarily successful, a failed attempt can always be abandoned. Thus, when we see a Jedi council largely succeeding in an attempt to set itself up as a coercive, deviant authority, the fact they do not abandon this council demonstrates coercive authority was their original intent.

When a communist finds themselves making gulags, they do not abandon the initiatives that required gulags. When they hide the gulag, they admit the gulag is a sin; it is not ignorance. It is a proper incarnation of their original intent. The communist wishes to enslave and thus own every subject; any that refuse to be enslaved by words will be enslaved by chains.

Collectivism is supposed to be the proposition that if two intents conflict, there doesn't have to be a winner. If a 'collective' owns a house, in reality some distinct individual owns the collective and thus, by proxy, the house.

Certainly a country can make it illegal to sell a plot of land without the whole family's permission, but ultimately this means the country owns the land and it's LARPing something else. It's nothing but a roundabout way of preventing the nominal owner from selling it.

Rules like these make objects much easier to steal. Since the land's owner is in fact the collective's owner, but nobody is allowed to admit to owning the collective, the owner isn't allowed to explicitly secure their shit. It becomes possible to steal the land without the original owner even being aware of the transfer of ownership until they try to do something to the land.

Similarly, while the owner can sell the house they don't necessarily get the money. Usually requires a bunch of extra steps. Both lower the owner's profits, and the missing wealth goes to waste.

The point of being a Jedi is to forestall realization that you're Sith. The point of being communist is to prevent others from owning the things you want to own, and to forestall the realization that you've appropriated it all. The point of being a collectivist is to steal things from the nominal owner. They are all inherently fake. They are all methods of owning things without having to take responsibility for owning them. They are theft with extra steps; ideally the original owner still thinks they own it and will pay for the maintenance on your behalf.

However, completing the spectrum wraparound is impossible, on sheer information grounds. To own something is to control it. Entropy can own something. If I have every de jure power over something, but de facto cannot issue orders about it, then entropy is the de facto owner.

There is a limited bandwidth which I can physically issue, and as a result, I, like any individual, can only own a distinctly limited subset of all property.
In the cases where I claim de jure ownership but cannot in fact own it, at best it is owned by entropy. Much more likely it is owned by some other individual, who can now irresponsibly blame their own errors on me.

You must own your food at the moment you eat it. If I manage, somehow, to properly and personally own all the food, everyone else will starve to death. Even though I would own a farm, I don't own the knowledge of working the farm and thus I would also starve to death. Everyone is equal in death. Everyone is equal only in death. Communism is a lethal disease.

The point of all forms of tyranny is irresponsible ownership. To build things without having to work. To get into fights without being at risk. All tyrants are deviant and deviant governance is tyranny.

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