Friday, February 26, 2021

All-Cause Mortality vs. ncov

Numbers are in.

USA all-cause mortality went from 8.8 /1000 in 2019 to 8.9 /1000 in 2020, following a long term trend of increasing by 0.1 every year since 2013. At two digits of resolution, ncov had no effect whatsoever. Sailer was correct - everyone who died of ncov would have died of something else. A trigger, not a cause. 

Of course the USA is faking the shit out of its numbers because American hospitals get fabulous cash prizes for doing so. In some weeks upwards of 40% of all deaths were attributed to ncov. Best check with another country.

Canada's all-cause mortality is up by a statistically insignificant amount. 7.9 /1000 compared to 7.5 /1000 in 2019. Almost all deaths were of those aged 80+, compared to a life expectancy of 82. Even if ncov is real all it's going to do is knock life expectancy down a smidge.

Everyone is freaking out about ncov because plagues happened on the savannah and the monkey in your brain has an app for that.
Secondarily because it's clear that if there was a real pandemic, we would be proper fucked. None of the interventions against ncov did squat. In 2020 there was a slightly sharp dropoff due to summer. In 2021, we've already reached herd immunity for covid-20. Get fucked, CDC. 

Browse worldometer; the numbers are wrong but the relative movements tell a great story. Especially compare Canada, America, Australia. The story in America is so obviously fake it's embarrassing just to be the same species as them. Officially nearly 10% of all deaths were caused by ncov - 0.7/1000, to be precise. The UK's numbers have the same sawtooth fraud tell that America's does, by the way, but their all-cause isn't in. (Quite possibly because they noticed it tells the wrong story and they need time to fudge things. Either that or sheer third-world incompetence.)


By preponderance of evidence, America's all-cause mortality tells a story about how Americans refuse to be locked down and Wokeness is very deadly, with 0.8/1000 deaths a year - more than officially attributed to ncov, and expected to increase to 0.9/1000 next year.

By preponderance of evidence, Canada's all-cause mortality tells us lockdowns are extremely dangerous, with officially 0.2/1000 killed by lockdown, compared to 0.2/1000 killed by the virus. 

Naturally these are hardly proven, but that's the simple, naive reading - which is usually either correct or next-door-neighbour to correct.

Meawhile China's numbers are fake in the downward direction. Suffering a plague would contradict the mandate of heaven, after all.

There's a downright hilarious amount of fake news about this. They're using flatly wrong statistics, such as simply assuming every ncov death was [excess], which is especially amusing for weeks when half of all American deaths were attributed to the virus.


Parisian said...

Best check with another country.

My Bing had the Lofoten Islands this morning, first time I was strongly attracted to specific islands since Tahiti and the rest of French Polynesia (not quite as much, I like the tropics.) Knausgaard was good, maybe not great on Norway and Sweden, but put them on the map. My next grand trip will have to be Athens or Athens and Rome (I don't care that much about Venice and Florence.) Want to go to the Circus Maxima and conjure up Julius. You can't possibly mean that these SJW's had his natural majesty, can you? I can only think of one who is always 'put-together', but that's probably interdit, and, as usual, I like her for the wrong reasons.

Piece had the effect of making me think that the 'programme' had sometimes made me want to get it, although others wouldn't be so keen, rather hysterical and still are. This will make me continue to not think of it very much, which is basically the way it has been from the beginning. And I've 'broken law after law' except the masks, because not only of the stores requiring, but also the paranoia still always outside with somebody or other.

So doubtless I'll never see the Lofotens. But I wouldn't think Norwegians would be up to any shenanigans. Sounds like an ideal place to live, though. Better than Switzerland--they're too obedient and stuffy.

Parisian said...

I just read the latest in Moldbuggery, and I can tell you at least one thing you probably wouldn't have specifically heard of. GYEWISH WARMTH. Another sort of Gyewishness Moldbug hasn't transcended. All the opening paragraphs contain this Gyewish Warmth, or a parody of it (he wouldn't do that, but the end result is the same hideousness as if real.) I found the term some 20 years ago in a grotesque book about B'way mainly for all the 'Hello Dolly' queen types. Just like *racial slur* is now, they can use it but we can't--and it's still largely the case, Gyews are unique in claiming self-whiteness and POC whichever is convenient. I used to wonder why so many Gyews had kinky hair. Well, if it goes too much the other way, they're still called...POC. Light-skinned Gyews who hate 'whiteness' are fine with it as long as it works for whatever con they're up to. And if we're not "hill crackers", and we are not, we may still like the freedom of talking about this cheap sentimentality in the shows and movies we grew up on in America, especially if The Great Man is going to freely insult our white-trash brethren.

Almost nobody for most of the 20th c. knew that B'way and H'wood were covert forms of profit-making Gyewdaica. Think "Some Enchanted Evening" from South Pacific. Nobody was going to pay any attention to that if it were in a musical about Tel Aviv (I don't think it existed yet, though.) They always made the picture people, in particular, change their names, since an American audience at the time was not that interested in Gyewdaica except in big cities--and they still weren't running everything just yet. So that they 'came out' with Streisand and Spielberg, and now it's probably even *woke* to want a Jewish South Pacific or Oklahoma if you can't get a black one (and god, that's been done. Horrible.) So, in fact, all these 'adorable' musicals were silly enough, it's even more horrifying that they stem from the murderous Torah. Leviticus is especially vicious and hateful.

Moldbug himself probably has never heard of *Gyewish Warmth*. I knew exactly what the queen who wrote the book meant instantly. The only major tunesmith of the big decades of the American musical who was Gentile was Cole Porter, and Richard Rodgers told him (in Venice, one notes) that his problem was that he wasn't writing "Gyewish enough". This is another part of that total double standard Gyews always use, because most will never even admit that Hollywood is almost totally a Gyewish creation. (They are Neal Gabler deniers, who just points out the Zukors, deMilles, Goldwyns, Cohns, and Mayers.) In private, Rodgers would say this, but you could never write that almost all B'way shows were Gyewish-written and featured either Gentile stars or Gyews who changed their names. Even worse in H'wood. It was only a couple of years ago I found out Kirk Douglas was Gyewish. Nobody wanted a Gyewish Spartacus.

In this piece, Moldbug uses italics more promiscuously than I've ever seen anybody do. Helps the always-underlying snark. Maybe he's got a beef. I had totally forgotten Wilkinson's existence. That many italics is a subtly faggy thing to do, a form of the ALL CAPS that screaming nells do. You'll know more because you're a seasoned Moldbug scholar, and I've only read him for a few months. I thought some things were good, but he repeats himself so much, like repeating a joke so that it promptly bombs.

Just off the cuff, I don't believe his 'wife has immaculate taste'. I bet it's this fucking LOUD household.

Parisian said...

I meant 'Circus Maximus'.

Alrenous said...

"My wife, [...] ordered me"
The slave has a victim-or-victor philosophy. Everyone fervently wants women to be not-victims. Unfortunately, women don't want to be victors. Bit of a puzzler, for the slave. It is certainly understandable that the slave would get distracted by the distinction between master and servant, to the exclusion of other kinds of relationships.

Parisian said...

You know what else? "Immaculate" doesn't quite work with "taste", should be "impeccable" obviously, although she doesn't have that either. It gets worse: "Taste" has nothing to do with making judgments of this sort of thing like "if you have a real point about Wilkinson", etc. I got stuck on the "immaculate", that's bad enough, and is better used to describe the way Italian and Southern Belle wives like my sisters insist on keeping their houses.

No wonder they have no taste, they don't even know when the word "taste" is properly used. (I know I'm being very cruel, but since your own colloquialisms are now well-integrated into your prose (meaning they don't jar), I don't care; there were only two I didn't think were worthy of you, but you never (or hardly ever) use them anymore. ( If you did I wouldn't say anything.)) Joan Didion's review of the Unabomber Manifesto was quite vicious; she said he suddenly found himself "in that most desolate of lakes--the colloquial voice". Admittedly she is one of the world's top snobs, not to mention drama queens, but I haven't ever forgotten that, and when people among my friends and family use really ugly colloquial terms or refuse to pronounce names of people they don't like properly (especially foreign)--and expect me to do it too...well then...the evening breeze caressed the That's shtick but I will only use it when it's inspired. I don't reject all Gyewish things, just about 99% of it. My brother thinks I'm almost KKK, and loves the 3 Jews he's met in his academe career (in fairly important universities in the MW and South, but who cares); he doesn't know the hell of working in an office where you're the only Gentile, or going to the dentist, and the hygienist saying to me, as she left the room "Now don't do anything"!) I would never do it in such Gyewish environs, but she had a nerve to say that to me. Well, she did sing Schubert to me while drilling years ago, but won't do it anymore. Plus every single day, in my building, the landlords, I've known thousand of Gyews and was told some years ago that there are more here than in Israel, although that may have changed.

Jesus. I just saw he's already written another one today, and it will have to wait, although I'm sure you've read it.

The word that explains perfectly what *Gyewish Warmth* is is *SMARMY*, and that piece is largely smarminess + gnashing of teeth (oh, what reserve Moldbug has!) with a possible subtext of too much talk about "being poor and having very rich friends", but he wants the prestige of FU Money, and may or may not be above covertly begging for FU welfare payments. It sounded as though he'd never quite mentioned it before--this desire to get into the Billionaire's Club.

Alrenous said...

Hmmm. Unintentional backhanded compliment? "Immaculate" taste sounds like no taste at all, now that you mention it.
I've always held that taste should be individualized. Colourful and idiosyncratic. Immaculate taste would be the most boring of all possible tastes. Perfectly blank white everywhere.

IMO you can be as cruel as you like as long as it's not a surprise or hypocritical. Real cruelty vs. fake/strategic cruelty. See also: self-discipline.

Parisian said...

That's a bit painful you'd say that. No, I dont think it was a 'back-handed compliment', intentional or unintentional. Those two terms you used to use (and may still do sometimes) were not really colloquial, they were made-up terms like the ones on WaPo comments--"tRumpf" and "Drumpf", etc. It wasn't my business in the first place, but I did realize early on what a superb writer you are, and the 'integrated [real] colloquialisms' in all your current recent work are appropriate and add flavour. (If you much know, they do not have the sound of the saint...but that's all right...just as long as I don't have to be one.) Didion's outrageous talk of 'desolate lakes' is a good rule of thumb for formal writing, but blog writing doesn't have to be that formal, nor should it be (although purposely using bad English and hick misspellings and mispronunciations (especially of foreign names) is worthless there too--neither of us does that.)

So I was using 'colloquial' not quite accurately, although it was at least informal, definitely not what you'd have used outside blogs and tweets.. What I meant was that, even with what colloquialisms you do use now, it's all as smooth as silk and aesthetic even if I disagree on some things or don't have a clue on others. This is not true of Moldbug, whose ideas may often be important, but it's not 'style is art', although it may well be 'style is character' (febrile! smarmy! panhandling!)

Sometimes my working to make it even more formal gets other results I like, they somehow become real because of never mentioning them, so I won't even describe them--and there's sometimes no time-space difference. These are among 'the best things', which clearly we both want. But we have a lot of different impeccable taste in what are these 'best things'. The greater formality from my end seems to work well.

Yes, taste and style are individual and idiosyncratic. Unfortunately, there are too many who have neither character nor even a concept of taste or style.

Not sure what you mean with "See also: self-discipline". You may want to tell me.

Alrenous said...

Self-discipline is short-term cruel but, properly executed, long-term kind. Being against cruelty per se is childish. Or possibly womanish.