Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Major Moldbug Error, Salus Populi Addendum

The Romans wanted cruel leaders. That hasn't changed. Europeans still want cruel leaders, the crueller the better. Only some layering has changed. They want sophisticated cruel leaders who cleverly hide their sadism. No more blood and skulls and fire. The idea is to make someone suffer as badly as if they had full-body burns, without physically touching them. Ideally, make them think it was their own fault. Or perhaps make them think it's actually a good thing and their suffering is appearing from nowhere. (E.g. welfare.)

Making the populace healthy isn't cruel. 

If the food pyramid were some kind of isolated event, perhaps mere public choice theory would explain it. Instead the populace will fight you if you try to debunk the food pyramid, and that goes for everything. It's all cruel lies and sadistic falsehoods, and it's exactly what they demand.

Any form of health-supporting sovereign would suffer immediate and overwhelming violent insurrection.

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Anonymous said...

[Just noticed you'll want to fix title typo]

That sounds right. Is it, though, mostly the leaders who want to wield real, i.e., power who somehow think that a sickened populace's stolen energy will accrue to their sadism's effectiveness? Also, didn't it vary leader to leader in the Empire--as Marcus Aurelius and his murderous son?

Meaning, Switzerland is definitely not a sickened populace (or if it also is, I'd like to know why you think so), although they sin like the rest, and host Davos, 'legendary Swiss banking', tax havens for the celebs and sadists...and Norway isn't a tax haven, but is somehow allowed to have healthy population (that again--I just think Norway and Denmark are healthy populaces. You may know something else. But they seem minor in terms of power, compared to Germany.) I just looked and saw that right now it's 1) Luxembourg 2) Singapore and 3) Ireland (!). The latter has plenty of sickened population. I mentioned Switzerland because it's the only one I've been to and you practically have to pay to be homeless--although I think I remember you do have to pay a fee if you're caught without any money on you. They charge fees for anything--some porno movie was being filmed by lac LĂ©man in Lausanne, and they were just charged a fee.

Of course, you may mean something entirely different, I wondered if the sadistic nations 'allowed' the healthy-populace ones to be so because they are using them for their own furtherance in many ways--for the money and the resorts, etc., it can buy. This is really interesting: it's easy enough to see that's all true for Britain, France, Germany, Italy--or easier, in any case. The U.S. has a more unhealthy population than these major and minor European countries, doesn't it? And the other huge powers, China and Russia, would have more splits in prosperity and health than the 'smooth' small ones. Are these 'happy lands', then, 'satellites' of the more powerful ones, almost like the Eastern Bloc countries were, but 'allowed' these high standards of living?

(I'm at something of a loss to being with, never having read but a few Moldbug tracts, maybe only the one after covid began. I think you once wrote that Moldbug was one of your 2 major influences, and even with these errors, he may still be.)