Friday, March 31, 2017

Democratic Decay

Democracy punishes the responsible and rewards the irresponsible, the responsible die and the irresponsible thrive, and the population degenerates until it is so irresponsible infrastructure starts suffering obvious, unmistakeable failures.

If properly husbanded, the decay can be slow enough to last centuries. However, the decay is monotonic and inevitable as long as Democracy, the Demon Prince, holds power.


anon said...

Citation please; moldbug doesnt count.Lets follow the money as a proxy for power are the voters better off, do they even get what they think they voted for? Is occupy wall street a big force in the elections?Did illegal aliens vote to become citizens? If everything was decided by referendum do you think we would be more or less conservative? democracy is a diversion you get what you get no matter who you vote for and you vote for who they tell you to vote for inner or outer party you are still going to get a one world government run by CapSoc elites

Alrenous said...

You've been reading my blog. I would cite myself. You should have already read it.

The stuff you mentioned is all beside the point. It doesn't matter if particular plebs get what they asked for, and anyway occupy wasn't plebs. Democracy rewards the irresponsible whether they ask for it or not.