Sunday, December 6, 2015

Left/Right Really is Communist/Capitalist

A lot of the time, they were right the first time. Such as this time.
Notably, this means I was wrong, as I thought left/right was a myth proggies spread.

I read Anonymous Conservative's book via Molyneux video.

After removing what didn't hang together, what was left was a simple responsible/irresponsible diametric. However, left/right have to be opposites - the policies of one side must inherently harm the other side. So what part of politics maps to responsible/irresponsible and is inherently opposed? Communal responsibility vs. individual responsibility. So, communism and capitalism.

That said, leftists and rightists are themselves often wrong. For example, as per my last post, slavery and immigration are basically the same. (Which is one reason Mexican immigrants keep having to work for slave wages.) Yet, the polarities each endorse one but not the other. The real question is whether the slaves are owned by individuals or by 'society' or 'the state.' (Moldbug quote on request.)
Also, there is a lot of proggie mythmaking around anyway. Obviously they want to say all proggie things are left, and all non-proggie things are right. They're not, e.g. scholarly performance is still mainly individual.

This means left isn't inherently entropic, despite the assertions of certain alt-right Sophists. Admittedly there's a strong bias in that direction, but collective responsibility isn't always a bad idea. Otherwise ant hills would not exist.

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