Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Juxtaposition VIII: Wholeheartedness

Touching the Raw Amygdala, Part II:
"I assume this is because the Narcissist desperately wants to be able to assert the inferiority of another, and the superiority of themselves by comparison. [...]  The word contempt carries a subconscious air of their K-type adversary’s superiority, and the Liberal’s inferiority. Although minor, such aspects of language have profound effect upon Narcissists and Liberals. Always denigrate the Liberal’s importance and power within the social environment, and never imply they are important enough to warrant a real emotion."
Anatomy of a Hater:
"That’s the archetypal hater: a lifelong fuckup. A thirtysomething lawyergrrl with the personality of a sea slug and a burning case of baby rabies. A castrated cubicle worker in thrall to his Michelin Man-sized wife. A sick woman who gets a double mastectomy because she thinks she’s a man trapped in a woman’s body. A 300-pound momma’s boy playing video games in his parents’ basement."
Brené Brown on connection, (via) somewhat paraphrased:
"I want to separate courage and bravery for you. [...] It's from the latin word cor, meaning heart...the original definition was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. [...] They fully embraced vulnerability. They don't talk about vulnerability being comfortable, nor excruciating." (Paraphrased because exact words would take me several times longer.)

Don't forget juxtaposition V: reality vs. presentation. Who is the main character? The nominal subject, or the author?


Anonymous said...

Whoever you are I don't know. But your succinct bitterness and intellectual prowess has put a self-doubting twinkle in my eye.

Alrenous said...

Hey. Who I am doesn't matter, does it? I'm right anyway - or wrong. But at least I have a pseudonym.

Strictly, accepting ignorance isn't about doubt, it's learning when to be certain you don't know a thing, and the main purpose of doing so is to be able to fix it.

For example, I'm certain enough I've missed something important in that message. Because of this, I may be able to learn what.