Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Democratic Experiments

I thought it was unlikely that anyone would forgo having a president, but then Belgium did it. Again, thanks Belgians.

The next check on the disconnection of voting mechanism and ruling mechanisms is to suspend voting entirely in one of the G20. I predict no noticeable difference in governance, and only token resistance from the population - little in tax protests, for example.

If governance does anything more than skip a beat, or the former voters do something beyond nuisance, I will have something to explain.


WilhelmDurand said...

It's an interesting thought, certainly, but it's unlikely to happen other than by accident.

It would surely be fun to watch, though.

Alrenous said...

I forgot about the Euro proving the principle first shown to me here.

"on the indisputable fact that turning off the money printer tends to result in a recession.

Since today's economists (except of course the Austrian School) have abandoned the the apparently unfashionable concept of causality in favor of the reassuringly autistic positivism of pure statistical correlation, it has escaped their attention that when you stop shooting heroin, you feel awful."

Who would have thought someone would be so stupid as to go cold turkey on their monetary heroin? And yet..