Friday, July 6, 2012

Juxtaposition III: Elites,. Identity and Values

Pax 1:
"It's immoral to sell things like sugary sodas and tabloid journalism to rubes who are too ignorant to know they shouldn't want it."

Pax 2:
"If you give people what they want, and what they want is frowned upon by elitists who know better, this happens."

"If you grew up on anti-depressants, can you ever know 'the real you'? "

Via Soto:
"Rousseau was also the unwitting founder of the psychology of the Real Me, that is to say of the inner core of each of us that remains immaculate and without sin, however the external person actually behaves."
If I were to write a post about how the 'real you' actually works, would it help? (Error for reference.) Summary: the real you is what you'd do absent having to appear respectable; alternately satisfying your real values. Social restrictions are singled out because they're arbitrary, unlike e.g. physical restrictions like having to eat.

The third includes narcissism.

"While I have normal jealousy, and issues with deception, raising someone else's kid isn't a big deal for me. They don't have my genes, so what? They'll have my ideas. I think this attitude is primarily genetic." There's some responses in the thread.

"No, dear. Liberals don’t come from liberals’ babies. They come from yours."
I freely admit I have a liberal neurology. It is at least helpful for figuring out the deep causes of liberal actions.

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