Wednesday, April 18, 2012

God and Authority vs. Epistemology. Coincidence?

Does God exist?
Has no right answer. Question is Not Even Wrong.

Does [x] have authority?
Has no right answer. Question is Not Even Wrong.

I suspect, no, not a coincidence.

I should check to make sure what I think I think about authority is what I actually think about it.

An authority is someone I should obey. A physical authority commands my actions. An intellectual authority commands my thoughts.

In reality, even if I should obey them, the reason is not authority. A physical 'authority' commands my actions through either through physical coercion or because I promised them something in a contractual exchange. An intellectual 'authority' is only an authority if they have the right arguments, and thus I follow the argument, not the authority.

I should also mention that the reason I suspect they're not a coincidence is because the logical structures feel the same. They feel not-even-wrong in the same way. But I have no explicit words to explain how or why.

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