Friday, November 28, 2008

Mind Node: Component Confirmed in the Brain

So it is definite that the brain uses DNA during computations. This is actually independent corroboration, because I've read about this idea before. Also, the brain is immune-privileged* by the blood-brain barrier in the same way the testes and uterus are, and if the immune system gets into the testes or uterus, it finds foreign DNA and destroys it. So, come to your own conclusion.

*(In this case 'privileged' to not get the full complement.)

Methylation also affects the rate and location of mutations during copying.

So, copying a DNA strand in the brain is a pentagon with a very large set of possible states. Also, while the new strand represents the new thought, the old strand is now a memory that can be repeated. Third, note that you could change the mutation rate and distribution by using different variations on the transcription factor. (A mind node has no need for faithful re-creation.)

So, DNA is used in computation. Because the firing of individual neurons affects other neurons, which change the network, we have f_r. Feedback is not found only in the most primitive brain. Conclusion; a mind node exists in the brain. Now I just need some people to comb over my little proof for mistakes.

Score one for armchair philosophy.

""The cool idea here is that the brain could be borrowing a form of cellular memory from developmental biology to use for what we think of as memory,""

Mine's cooler.

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