Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sniping Molyneux Again

So Stefan Molyneux has banned me. He has also plagiarized me in the past.

This video shortly after 11:50 "An infinite regression of causality is not freedom."

This idea is directly out of my essay/experiment "Free Will, Determinism, Cage Match vs. Infinity." (You can compare the post dates.) My 'influence' is unmistakable both because he uses nearly my exact words and because he almost never comes up with ideas this sophisticated on his own.

You can test this by comparing his arguments in those three videos on Free Will ("Determinism kills love!") to my arguments in my upcoming essay on the subject.

Hilariously, in the middle of plagiarizing me, he says, "If you've read that article of mine on [his blogspot address]."

I'm also fairly sure he outrageously stole the idea that stochastic phenomena are not freedom.


Anonymous said...

As this blog post is from 2008, I apologize that I'm only asking about this now; I'm concerned about instances of Stefan Molyneux plagiarizing other writers. Are there instances where Molyneux took passages from you verbatim or near-verbatim, and passed off those passages as his own work?

Alrenous said...

By contrast, I'm not concerned about it, for various reasons.