Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Outlines, Wot?

While I'll happily savage the writing guides produced by so-called 'educational' institutions, this does not necessarily mean their advice is completely, totally wrong in all cases.

It's still ironic that I am now intend to actually make and use an outline. This would be the first time I've ever voluntarily done so, and in fact when I've been coerced into using one, I tend to intentionally pervert the process anyway, so this is essentially my first time ever.

Despite the fact that Pryor's advice was wrong and ten times wrong, this doesn't mean that I can't see the purpose and uses of, for instance, an outline. Pryor's main sin is to pervert the intellectual process of writing through his one size fits all approach, shared by most 'educational' institutions. Only the author truly knows if the piece needs an outline, when it needs an outline, and what exactly needs to go on the outline. Pryor doesn't care about producing a paper. Pryor cares about following the guidelines and filling a checklist.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to producing a essay challenging enough that an outline is actually necessary. It is, as per usual, on consciousness.

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