Saturday, May 31, 2008

Boston, Cagematch vs Lite-brite-wielding Terrorist

Having thought for some time about the bomb scare that shut down Boston, I realized that they are only playing into the hands of any real terrorist.

In fact, they only showed that any Boston-area terrorist can slash its budget. Instead of actually building bombs and risking bomb-searches in their homes or workshop turning up incriminating evidence, they can just build a few light shows and stick them up around town!

Paralyze a major metropolis for pennies a day! No EMP necessary!

Imagine what would happen if 1: They actually looked like they could hold explosive charges. 2: A large group of people start insisting on taking their water bottles into the airports. 3: An actual threat was issued.

All this would cost, what, a thousand dollars? Have a tiny fraction of the coordination necessary for the 9/11 attack? Have almost no chance of any legal repercussions? (The lite-brite wielders aren't going to turn themselves in like ad people must.)

Yes, in this as in many other areas, freedom is security. Boston is only trying to repress its population, apparently for shits and giggles.

America, for the love of whatever you hold dear, drop this ridiculous act. The terrorists have won - everyone is terrified. And how hard is it to stop? It would actually cost negative dollars - have police respond to crimes, not pranks. Abolish the TSA. Billions of dollars otherwise essentially aiding and abetting terrorism go back into the treasury, or even, cross fingers, into the pockets of taxpayers.

On the other hand, because the government is enabling terrorism to proficiently, we know for a fact that there are almost certainly no terrorists at all in America. Such a target is nearly irresistible to an irreverent teenager, let alone an actual terrorist. In fact the only reason it hasn't been copycat yet is probably because teenagers are too lazy to learn the necessary electronics.

""It had a very sinister appearance," Coakley told reporters. "It had a battery behind it, and wires."

Imagine if it had two batteries, connected by wires!

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