Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Is Trash Not For Throwing Out?

It's very obvious that light-side narratives, books TV movies videogames, are utter trash. 

Isn't the next obvious step to throw out the trash and start over? They clearly fucked up comprehensively. Distance yourself and re-derive art from first principles, because no matter how badly you execute, you can't be executing as badly as the light-side publishers. They're doing it wrong on purpose. Competing with each other to make the worst product that's still barely saleable. 

I thought for sure I wouldn't be the only one trying to figure out how narratives should be told instead of how moderns do it.

Well that was stupid, now wasn't it!

Apparently the obvious thing to do, having realized it's all utter trash, is to watch it anyway and compete to be able to successfully call each others' taste trash. 

Re-deriving how [raconteur] should go requires logic and thinking. They don't throw out the fundamentalist anti-intellectualism, so the very few who try to divorce themselves from Official Publishing end up flailing randomly. As you might expect from failing to ditch the anti-intellectualism, they don't reject the underlying culture. If it's not purely incoherent they tend to re-create a branch from the same tree, just a bit lower down.

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