Monday, March 21, 2022

Additional Anti-Sailer Heresy

 I doubt that this is a top-down Biden Administration conspiracy

I didn’t think so either, but now I know you’re arguing against it I’ve reconsidered.

Invest more lol. Oh yeah the way investing more in “schools” made America more “educated” kek.

Meanwhile California takes an order of magnitude longer to count their votes as compared to bastions of order and efficiency like Paraguay. Somehow voter ID is a given in upright polities like Ukraine or Greece but simply too difficult for poor pitiful Californians to handle…

The real story is they’re hiding something because they have something to hide. Apparently it was too embarrassing to simply not report the numbers so they pushed the order back one remove to (successfully) bamboozle the public into thinking it isn’t policy.
“Yeah uh it’s totally not our fault you guys. Out of our hands. A total mystery why this happened all of a sudden!”
“That’s definitely totally plausible and not at all an astounding coincidence! I buy it!”
“Cool bro!”
It’s beyond the inferential horizon, and out of sight, out of mind, right?

Ironically the crime numbers probably weren’t even real. America is a game show: all the stats are made up because they don’t matter


Policy is blissfully innumerate. "Hey, law students, which of you are here because you can't do numbers?" *every hand goes up.* All American law is produced by lawyers. Fun fact, Jinping Xi has a degree in chemical engineering.

P.S. It's the usual thing where journalist assertions are evidence of the opposite. Ab auctoritate in reverse is not a fallacy when it comes to journalists. 

Oh did you think Sailer wasn't a journalist? You sweet summer child. Glory to your innocence.

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