Saturday, March 26, 2022

Corona Predictions: Humiliated Edition Postscript

"They appear to have stopped infections within China. The only major outbreak to have been stopped so far. 

"The disease had already gotten out to other countries."

"Did they do a better job? Sounds to me like they put dozens of millions under harsh quarantine and still failed to noticeably contain the spread."
The term 'noticeably' is an exaggeration. I shouldn't have said that. I blame being on twitter; that was dumb.

Anyway, let's check back on what Reality thinks of these competing views. Whoops. Turns out Conquest's Third is an Iron Law

If you want you can find out where I said China will maybe eliminate infections temporarily, but they'll keep getting re-infected from abroad even if they do. I already know I said it, so for me it's not worth the effort.

Also, if you want you can review my threading calling out Phobos worshippers kneeling for their corona idol.

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