Monday, March 14, 2022

Every Woman is a Troll

She's doing it for the attention.

Doing what exactly? It. If a woman is doing it, she's doing it for the attention. Anything else is merely a bonus. If she loses thousands of dollars - don't care, had observers.

Since America is a feminine Fascism, it makes sense that San Francisco's internet is awash with trolls. They instinctively sense they're just supposed to be doing it for the attention, the way a woman does. 

This is also why a male troll is so off-putting. It's fake and gay. Childish at best. "Run along and bother your parents instead of me, brat." 


A woman really does just want attention. Rather than disgusting, it's tragic that she's so bad at it. She has to desperately claw for negative attention because she can't get positive attention. Ye Olde ones used to teach women to be cute and cuddly, so both sides would get what they want. Turns out that in fact the world has plenty of attention for women who into being pleasant.

Except: atomization. Can't get attention if your social circle is half amputated.

Except: all these men trolling like women do, and being rather better than women at the task as per usual. When Time declared a eunuch was woman of the year, they weren't wrong exactly.  


I don't understand the Darwinian purpose of such desperation for attention, though. She needs attention at certain critical points, not all the time. Indeed it seems counter-productive. The woman who cried wolf. If she demands attention all the time, how are you supposed to know which time is important? You will ignore her, or pay half attention at best - even if you're another woman - some of the time, just to cut down on her unreasonable demands. Kind of a problem when she finally has a real problem.

Perhaps women really are crazy. Or rather, female voters are crazy - they never become women. They all have clinical levels of borderline personality disorder. (Turns out Fascism is bad for you, whoda thunk.) Children really do need attention all the time so they can become socialized properly. Can't work out the local culture alone in your armchair.

Reinforcement: desperation for attention smacks of being a loser. Atomization isn't total. Sure 25% of zoomers report having 0 friends, but that means 75% of zoomers report having friends. Naturally it's the most insufferable 25% who miss out. The cracked and broken. They're the ones who can't just phone up someone when they need attention and instead having to resort to hysterics, outrageous rudeness, or Going Online.

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Anonymous said...

How I see the "christian western" culture is a formal, archetypical life plan. We start as children, move to "finding ourselves", then become the father, then the grandfather.

Women have it formalised in much the same way, but with the mother and grandmother archetypes.

In short, throughout our lives we are to fit into different archetypes. The most desirable for men are the king, the hero, "Chad". The pattern alluded to before is "egalitarian", I suppose - we cant all be heros, or strive to be, otherwise we'd just be fighting all the time. Since.. we worked out how things work.

What has happened to us is that - women are biologically wired to want the most desirable men. This is rational.

However, does the Mother archetype necessarily attract the hero? Or Chad?

No. The most desirable of female archetypes is "the hot teenager". Not coincidentally, the heroic archetype is the most (archetypically) interested in "the hot teenager">

And so, a cursory glance at female behaviour sees them trying to constantly inhabit this archetype.

Additionally, reaching "mother" or "Grandmother" status used to have its own set of social statuses. If you *didn't* get there, you were a loser. Nowadays, we have 50 year old women noting they are "too young" to be a grandmother.

"I am still too much of a hot teenager deserving of chad to inhabit the low status grandmother archetype".

There is a lot in this and I could go on, but, in short, women act like children because its perceived status maximising behaviour. We used to tell women that being a mother woudl give them more status, and we followed through. We used to let grandmas slut shame our teenage girls. So on.