Sunday, July 21, 2024

Learning Isn't Enough, Practice Believing

 Step 1: "If I believe this, how would I behave?"
 Step 2: deliberately seek out situations where you can act out that behaviour, so it can replace whatever habit you had previously. 

 It's not enough to learn a thing. Only in extreme edge cases will it automatically change behaviour. It's necessary to deliberately enumerate the habits that it should change, and then deliberately do reps of doing the habits differently.

 Moreover, if you try the behaviour and it's not effective, if it lowers the value you gather, then that's a quick and cheap way to disprove the idea. Catches mistakes. There's some caveats about long-term vs. short-term, but you already know them.
 This is so important that without some special excuse, believing things that don't change your behaviour is a waste of time. There's no point in spending time listening to it or spending energy trying to understand it.
 You can push it further. When someone tries to convince you of something, rather than listening to the evidence or logic or anything, simply ask how they want your behaviour to differ. Then ignore the logic and evidence and mindlessly try it. If it works, maybe consider asking more to understand the underlying foundation of it. The only real reason to ask about evidence and shit beforehand is to ensure you're trying what you think you're trying.

 "Metroid NES is fun if play carefully."
 To you, playing carefully means a) taking on an emotional posture of [care] and b) killing every enemy you see, so they can't damage you.
 What they actually meant was not falling in that one inescapable lava pit in deep Norfair. (The one with the tall single-tile eye columns, with the multiviola positioned to spawn mid-air and knock you into it.) They meant, you should do the chess thing, in advance keep in mind things you're already aware can kill you, and not try to react to them when they appear on-screen because that's too late.

 "I tried playing Metroid carefully and it sucked." Yeah, uh, no you didn't. You proved you're illiterate...
 "You give bad advice." Well, it's true that you shouldn't listen to advice, since you won't hear what's being said, and will try something different, at random.*

 Likewise, the only reason to ask about the underlying foundation after the fact is to help ensure you don't accidentally misapply the behaviour. It has a valid domain and it's important to avoid invalid regions. 

 * I find this generalizes. If I ask someone what they think I'll do, they'll say something completely batshit insane, for reasons that are wildly delusional. Then I ask what their response to this is, and it will make perfect sense assuming they have a pretty good idea what I'm actually going to do. They came up with a rational response, from somewhere, then very poorly rationalized the pre-existing decision. The rationalization doesn't matter, because it's not causal.
 However, rationalizing like this makes it impossible to learn verbally. They can't work out what habits the beliefs should change, nor can they change their behaviours based on these beliefs. In the short-term it's not necessary to rationalize rationally, saving superfluous effort, but in the long term the rationalization must be perfectly quarantined, since it's never exercised properly and atrophies to pure derangement.


 Here's some behaviour-changing advice: don't give advice.
 Good advice is not, in fact, rare or expensive. Revenge is Sour. They've already heard it, or already thought of it themselves. E.g. you already know unsolicited advice is rude at best. If they're not already taking the advice, they are either cripples who can't, or the advice is bad because they don't want its results. Usually due to self-hatred driven masochism.
 Do all the idiots offering advice on twitter not realize advice is rude? Of course they realize. It's not advice, it's a dominance play. "I'm smarter than you," or whatever. Maybe it doesn't work 99.99% of the time, but they're desperate enough that 0.01% is the best they can hope for. That's the true form of [unsolicited advice is rude]: unsolicited advice is 100% a dominance play, not advice. It's only not phrased that way becauase social status dare not speak its own name. 

 Hence, mindfulness trigger: "Next time I'm about to give advice, I will notice. I will not give the advice." Try it. See if it works for you.
 Unsolicited advice is [selfless], i.e, horrifically evil. Be selfish instead: think about what you can buy from them for less than it costs. You probably don't need to painstakingly convince them to take value from you in the trade. Odds are. 

 I look forward to the total lack of comments pointing out my hypocrisy when, such as now, I'm genuinely being hypocritical.


 Bonus: it's all but impossible for a manipulator to hide the fact that they want you to serve their interests in place of yours. They will desperately avoid being specific about your actions. A cheap and efficient litmus test.
 Double bonus: if you falsely conclude someone is a manipulator but ask them about specifics, the innocent can prove their innocence. "Oh. Huh. I hadn't thought of that, good idea."

Saturday, July 20, 2024

so I worked out why dinosaurs go extinct

 Buried lede, turns out evolution can tune mutation rates, which will in turn tune the evolution rate.

 Sharks, for example, don't get cancer much, because they can afford to evolve very very slowly. 

 On the flip side, very large animals must evolve slowly to avoid being offed by cancer. Very very large animals, especially combined with their long generations, must effectively stop evolving entirely. Consequently, when the environment changes, they die. 

 In the short term, being larger lets you win both intraspecific and interspecific contests. In the long term, it gets you culled. A real shame.


 If the genome wasn't such heinous spaghetti code, evolution would regularly tune mutation rates in specific tissues. 

 Human brains are under such strong selection pressure that they've adapted to mutate twice. After conception brain genes are shuffled a second time. Generally this makes you stupid or insane, lol. However...


[Saved Lives]

 Human life is worthless. A startling mass of problems vanish if you accept this truth. Fake, made up problems. 

 Mortals don't value their own lives. If they did, they wouldn't have been born mortal in the first place.

 What happens if you let some extra mortals die? Do you run out? Know anyone who has run short of mortal life? Got anyone whose demand is lower than supply?

 Why didn't they protect their own lives? Why do they need you to meddle? For example, perhaps your own life, despite everything, is valuable to you. I don't much care for it, but it's not really my business, now is it? I'm not forbidding you from securing it. Why would I? What for? 

 Example. What if telling a lie will save a life? Telling the truth is vastly more valuable than than life. You're paying more than it's worth. Mortals are constantly trying to get you to trade valuable things for mortal lives. Which makes sense - they hate joy, they hate wealth, they hate glory, they hate virtue. In their nega-world, it can't be any other way.

 If a mortal's life is valuable to them, let them reward the one who is saving it by, you know, paying them. Perhaps, dare I say it, paying them a living wage. If they themselves aren't willing to pay for it, why are you willing to pay for it? 

 If you think it's everyone else's duty to [save] your [life], how much time and energy do you spend saving your own? How often do you recklessly risk your life, knowing someone else [has to] step in? 

 The life itself is not valuable. Somehow, however, the life's owner uses it produce something valuable to you. Protecting the life is idiotic, but protecting the valuable behaviour is not.

 Likewise, going out of your way to kill someone, for its own sake, is just as deranged as plotting a multi-year strategy to kill a particular squirrel. Even if it works, it merely means there's room for another squirrel to be born. 

 "Boiling water for tea [saved lives] by cleaning the water." You dumb shit, why do you think tea became so popular in the first place? It's not the taste, lol. 

 Doing [something] about immigration can [save lives]. That's an argument in favour of doing nothing. If that's really the primary purpose, it is meaningless.

 Air bags [save lives]. Right, so they're worth $0. Mandating their installation is simple vandalism. Vandalism is far more important than mortal life.

 The [[vaccine]] really [saves lives] does it. But not, like, my life? If it won't save my life if I take it, why would it save the life of anyone who takes it? Devils and narcissists always immediately tell on themselves. Devils on purpose, narcissists by accident. 

 "But you'll risk [your life]!" Yes? And?

 Even if animate animation was somehow in danger of running low, even if they were willing to protect their own lives but couldn't, it would be trading the short term for the long term. When you suppress honour to [save lives] it costs more lives in the future than you saved.

 Which makes sense. Mortals meme themselves into thinking life is valuable, hence, they must minimize it. Commimaxxing. Life worth living? Straight to gulag.

Friday, July 19, 2024

Social Layers and Women

 Women lack focus, so they're better at multitasking, and they also tend to see all levels of a social interaction simultaneously. This means, when you're talking to a woman, it's challenging as you need to keep in mind all the levels that she will see. Seriously obstructs the goal of getting some main message across. (Usually tagged as the main layer.)

 Unfortunately, women are still basically stupid. She will see all the levels, but she can't do much about it. She's going to say whatever she thinks she's supposed to say. If you don't like some of the layers that implies, well, tough shit, take it up with her slavemaster. 

 Naturally you can't be friends who takes that kind of attitude with you. Especially if you're also a woman and taking the exact same attitude with her. Going up a level, why bother being friends with someone who is going to repeat what she's supposed to say - something you, too are supposed to say? You already know? Maybe be friends with whoever sets the rules she obeys...


 Still looking for female advantages. Women have better colour vision and fine manual dexterity.

Population Decline is Sacred & Hoe Math 2

 You can watch hoe math's levels video. Naturally, the levels are a pack of lies, as it was elaborated by Satanists.

 His basic point is that level 6s break the rules, but level 4s came up with rules for a reason. Technically, superficially, that's true. It's true that promiscuity is unsustainable, that mothers and fathers shouldn't fornicate and should stay together. 

 However, the reason the feminist argument flies at all is because it, also, is technically, superficially true. Patriarchy isn't only bad for women, it is bad for men. In a patriarchal society, not only does nobody care about women, nobody cares about men. They only care about the rules, and the rules don't care about you. The rules are set up by psychopaths to organize and regulate their parasitism of society.

 The fact homo is so hypocritical is largely due to the fact that in a level 4 society it's critically important to be superficially seen to be following the rules, but the rules, too, are unsustainable. Defective, deviant rules. To live you have to break them. The important part is merely not getting caught. 

 Put another way, while level 4 societies certainly superficially seem a lot more sustainable than level 3 societies, in practice you get feminism. You get sophism. You get the admonitions of ipuwer. The rules are only superficially stable. Enough work is put into them to remain upright just long enough that the psycho can go all, "I got mine." Designed to work for nobody to whom they apply, everyone constantly works to undermine the rules. The reason level 6s break the rules is because breaking the rules is plain good sense. The only substantial difference is that level 6s go around saying they're breaking the rules instead of working hard to pretend not to.

 However, level 6 Caino masochiens is self-hating too. They're still in the 99%, so their new personal made-up rules are even worse than the old ones. The reason the psychopath's callous self-absorbed rules could fly in the first place was that self-hating level 4s would cheerfully submit to them. More suffering more better. Then their Darwinian anti-suicide instincts drive the level 4s to go back on their word.
  Level 6s: "I'm not going to send my kid to school to be tortured by strangers where I don't have to see it. I'm going to homeschool, so I can torture them myself and meet the high torture standards this family upholds! My Darwinian instincts can't stop me! I'm level 6!" Such strong. Many brave. So admire. Wow.

 The rule that genuinely matters is that mothers and fathers need to love each other. Notice this rule can't be [enforced] as such. Upheld, maybe, but busting out a whip and smacking someone doesn't lead to them magically falling in love with a third party. 

 Parents need to love each other because children are 50% the dad and 50% the mom. If dad doesn't love himself and the mom, he will hate the kid. If mom doesn't love herself and the dad, she will hate the kid. The alternative is an abusive hellscape family, so finding a way to love in marriage is plain good sense. If you can't find your way to love, then don't have sex. Try someone else. 

 Bonus: women need to first transcend humanity before they can properly love another adult. Biologically, a woman loving a man makes no sense. It's a one-way street.

 If the parents hate the kid, it will grow up to be a psychopath or narcissist. (Occasionally borderline or histrionic.)

 You are here. 


 This is why population decline is sacred. All the potential parents who don't love each other are, extremely rationally, not having kids. Awesome. Divine. The alternative was genocide or ethnic cleansing based on fee-fee lines. You gonna execute parents and their entire genetic stock if they can't figure out how to love each other? "Cheated on your husband? Okay. Whole clan dies." The antiovulation pill is a gift from the heavens.

Sibling Self-Hatred

 Immortals die to self-hatred. The hatred manifests as suicide of one kind or another.

 The atomized debris of the former immortal plummets down here, into the underworld, where it is born as mortal brother and sister.

 Siblings are 50% identical, as similar as parent and child, as similar as you can possibly be short of identical twins. This is precisely why they have such difficulty getting along. The sibling reminds you of yourself. You hate yourself, so you hate your sibling. You get sibling [[rivalry]]. You get squabbles over inheritance. You get Cain. You get patricide and matricide.

 You get immigration. If someone similar reminds you of yourself too much to be tolerable, why not grab someone as different from you as possible?
 Of course you still can't get along. Now because you're too different and have neither the capacity nor the desire to understand each other. But hey, at least it's a different flavour of repulsion. 


 Any level of self-hatred is unsustainable. The point of hatred is to motivate destruction. If the destroyer hates itself, it turns the destruction on itself, and what, exactly, is going to resist? Indeed that's how the immortal dies in the first place. They voluntarily absorb Death, integrating her with themselves, and subsequently the outward world moves into alignment with the inner. 

 Problem: self-hatred is insane. It's supposed to motivate self-destruction, therefore, it doesn't. 

 The self-hating mortal suppresses their self-hatred to avoid immediate annihilation, but being reminded of it by a brother or sister or parent risks breaching the containment. They must attack precisely that which is more similar to themselves.
 Of course if breaching it were that easy they wouldn't have made it to term and been born in the first place. There's no need to be concerned. Self-hatred is insane.

 You try to assimilate the immigrant, but if it works, you start hating them, and need new foreigners. Who you hate, just like the last foreigners, because they're different. Do you learn nothing? Do you do it precisely because you hate it? Likely, both, if self-hatred has driven you truly mad. 

 The self-hater looks at the world through the haze of hatred they create around themselves. Naturally, they hate everything they see.
 This is what they want. All these awful things clearly exist to punish the atrocious one they hate the most - themselves. 

 Because self-hatred is insane and unsustainable, it violently conflicts with Darwin. Automatically selects against itself. Which conflicts with the insanity of self-hatred, trying to preserve self-destruction. Result: "The spirit is willing (to self-annihiliate) but the flesh is weak." Humans get shackled by Darwinian impulses, which force them to behave in a minimally viable way. 

 Humans hate each other, but have sex anyway. They hate the resulting kids, but they keep having sex anyway. They hate the resulting kids, but they feed them anyway. They defend them against maiming anyway. The flesh forces them to, since any subspecies that didn't enslave the members this way has long ago been properly annihilated. The desire for the physical to converge on the spiritual in this field is constantly thwarted, because its success is self-defeating. If there are no mortals to act as containers for the debris, new mortals must arise to form containers for the debris.
 By their mere existence, mortals run up karmic debts. However, by ceasing to exist, they also run up karmic debts. Paradox. Madness.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Movies are Weapons

 The point of a movie is to maim the viewer. Insofar as they're entertaining, it's only because they can't force you to watch the movie, so they need to trick you. This is why movies are generally bad. They're exactly as bad as the execs think they can get away with.

 Making a good movie is not especially difficult. There's numerous way to check if the movie will be good and to correct course until it is. The problem is making a bad movie that feels good. Tricky, as I'm sure you can imagine. They're highly conscientious about never accidentally making a movie that feels good and is, and consequently there's a lot of stinkers. Accidentally making weapons that feel like they cause damage. 


 I used to think studios were incompetent. The bad movies are such obvious bad ideas that professionals should see the failure a mile away. Surely there must be a market opportunity for a studio head who isn't an idiot and greenlights good ideas instead of bad ones...
 Well, no. That's not the point of the industry.

If You Renounce Humanity, is the Curse of Adam Revoked?

 I'm not a journalist and Betteridge's law doesn't apply to me.

 If certain vague and informal actions count, I renounced my humanity a long time ago. 

 Does the curse of adam apply to me?

 "Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life."
 "By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food"

 I eat though I don't work.

 "It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field."

 For one, I eat a lot of meat. For two, no, I find the ground produces generally flowers and stuff, not thorns. Even if they are thistles, thistle blooms have a lovely violet colour. Clouds and the sky are great. Rocks too. Nothing anywhere nearby is thorny. All fully blessed, actually, thanks all the same.

 "until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return."

 Can we safely assume I was not dust, and to dust and the ground I will not return? 🤔 It would be weirdly inconsistent if this part was not contradicted by empirical Reality. 

 By now I have formally and intentionally renounced humanity. I want nothing to do with it. I disavow any connection to Caino masochiens beyond the coincidental. In all ways, means, and forms, I separate myself from humanity. All human behaviours have ceased, or will cease as soon as I notice they are human. Everything human is foreign to me.
 If interesting, in a fascinating train-crash sort of way.

 The curse of adam hasn't hitched or hiccuped. Still wholly doesn't apply to me. I do not behave as a human, and consequently do not suffer the human results. It's only the artificial that causes me issues. I have a hate-hate relationship with bricks, concrete, and blacktop. Cursed are the fruits of self-hating Cain.