Wednesday, July 17, 2024

If You Renounce Humanity, is the Curse of Adam Revoked?

 I'm not a journalist and Betteridge's law doesn't apply to me.

 If certain vague and informal actions count, I renounced my humanity a long time ago. 

 Does the curse of adam apply to me?

 "Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life."
 "By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food"

 I eat though I don't work.

 "It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field."

 For one, I eat a lot of meat. For two, no, I find the ground produces generally flowers and stuff, not thorns. Even if they are thistles, thistle blooms have a lovely violet colour. Clouds and the sky are great. Rocks too. Nothing anywhere nearby is thorny. All fully blessed, actually, thanks all the same.

 "until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return."

 Can we safely assume I was not dust, and to dust and the ground I will not return? 🤔 It would be weirdly inconsistent if this part was not contradicted by empirical Reality. 

 By now I have formally and intentionally renounced humanity. I want nothing to do with it. I disavow any connection to Caino masochiens beyond the coincidental. In all ways, means, and forms, I separate myself from humanity. All human behaviours have ceased, or will cease as soon as I notice they are human. Everything human is foreign to me.
 If interesting, in a fascinating train-crash sort of way.

 The curse of adam hasn't hitched or hiccuped. Still wholly doesn't apply to me. I do not behave as a human, and consequently do not suffer the human results. It's only the artificial that causes me issues. I have a hate-hate relationship with bricks, concrete, and blacktop. Cursed are the fruits of self-hating Cain.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Empirical Implications of Made In The Image

 If you're made in the image of god, you can demonstrate this by displaying your divine powers. 

 Conversely, if you cannot show any sacred abilities, you can't have been made in a divine image, and can't possibly be human. 

 Beliefs have consequences. It's not merely a statement of social status. It has physical implications and constitutes a test.

 That or the bible is a crock of shit. Either or. A belief without consequences is not a belief. Normally we call it a [lie] as the one professing it doesn't have any faith in it.

 More consequences: if anyone genuinely believed in the bible I would not be the first one to think of using its statements as a test. That or I just demonstrated my unique divine powers. Either or. 

 Indeed, I'm only the first to put it into words. "Humans are divine because they have hands." Apes, whoops. "Humans are divine because they have language." Whoops, sign language apes. Whoops, crows. "Humans are divine because they have technology." Whoops, ants. Whoops, the octopus. Whoops, AI. Whoops. Whoops.
 P.S. Seculars and atheists are profoundly christian and can't stop obsessing with christian obsessions which come straight from the bibble's drivel.

Americans Can't Wake Up Because They're Only Pretending to be Asleep

 All of your reasonable options for products and services use the money you give them to murder everything you love! BB on point, as always.

 Hoe math says many true things, but do always remember it's merely a subtler form of narcissism. Yes, it is excuses and cope. 

With no apologies to the babylon bee:

*Instead of Twitter.
    Use nitter. Adblock is also sufficient, if the goal is merely to withdraw support.
*Instead of brewing your coffee with Starbucks beans:
    Drink tea. Decaf, specifically.
*Instead of Levis:
    It is very reasonable to sew your own clothes. Cloth is dirt cheap. They will also fit better. What do the Amish do for pants? Buy used. Though none of this is particularly important or necessary.
*Instead of Gilette razors:
    Get a straight razor from the nearest blacksmith.
*Instead of Microsoft:
    Software piracy.
*Instead of subscribing to Disney+:
    Software piracy. Also why are you using the plus.
*Instead of buying books from Amazon:
    Software piracy. E.g. libgen. Can also just use the regular-ass library.
*Instead of buying Nike shoes:
    Neither important nor necessary. Buy quality shoes instead of overpriced trash? Ask the Amish what they do for shoes?
*Instead of watching Netflix
    Software piracy. There's nothing good on netflix anyway, you're not missing out.
*Instead of Facebook:
    Try meeting IRL? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I heard most folk have phones these days, have you tried using, like, a phone number to talk to them?


 Don't forget you can neuter the Fed's influence over your life, and thus the majority of USG's ability to tax you, by selling all your dollars and dollar-equivalent securities. Likewise using corporate shenanigans it's very possible to near-zero your tax bill, though it is important to be cost-effective and sometimes it isn't worth your time. 


 Mafias buy off police forces all the time. So form a mafia already. "But that's immoral." Is letting the police defend criminals from you more moral? Quit the sanctimony and secure your shit.
 Buying pants and shoes from megacorporations isn't even ritually impure under present conditions, never mind a genuine pragmatic problem. First, try not lying to your husband every day. Stop adulterating the sacred body with caffeine. Beam, motes, etc.

 Utopians aren't as stupid as they pretend. They do in fact already know that the world is neither perfect nor perfectible. You can't wake up someone pretending to be asleep. 

 At some point, after offering enough reasonable solutions and none of them are taken, you realize you were being disrespectful. You're offending them because you're revealing you think they're stupid. They're fully capable of coming up with these things on their own. The solutions look simple and obvious because they are simple and obvious.
 Utopians don't do them because they don't want [[solutions]]. They like tyranny. The oppression is the point. Demand for the profane is high. Demand for the holy is negligible.

 Utopians are dystopians. Everything is working as intended: they are receiving the dystopia they demand and deserve. 

 Civilizations do not rise like bread. They bloat like drowned corpses. If you're lucky, it's like the swelling around a broken bone - but it doesn't go down when the bone heals, it goes necrotic and the leg falls off.

 Americans could have already started their youtube-distributed netflix alternative. You could pay some local theatre retards to tell and film whatever story you want. If it was in demand, there would already be channels like this. You would of course watch this on invidious.
 If Americans demanded morality tales which differed noticeably from netflix screeching, they would already have them.
 The real sin is demanding morality tales at all, as I'm sure you already realized. 

 I really would form my own mafia if my countrymen weren't all red-blooded Communists who would instantaneously report me to the secret police. It's not merely that the cops defend the criminals from me - it's that the alleged "dissidents" also defend the criminals (and cops, but I repeat myself) from me.

 However, I'm not a narcissist-utopian, so I have no need for their help to defend myself. My shit is secured, regardless of their strenuous efforts. I typically use manipulation, so they aren't capable of conceiving of my fences, even when staring right at them. Crime is very much a [you] problem. Git gud scrub. Skill issue.

 Revenge is Sour: if my countrymen weren't red-blooded Communists, I would have no need to form a mafia to defend myself against the police.
 Likewise, since I'm not a Communist, I am quite capable of defending myself against the police without a mafia. Whoops.

 Hoe math thinks reconquista [new world edition!] is necessary because he doesn't want to succeed. His impossible task looks less impossible than usual because the previous editions of excuse-impossible_task have reached their sell-by date. At some point the lies even make the liars feel stupid, and they need new duds. 

 Recall the Homestuck principle. All sorts of things are available, but only one goes viral. Hoe math went viral because he's defence against change, exactly because he isn't offering anything ideologically different.

 Hoe math wants to seize Satan's throne because he wants to be Satan. "But if we let too many illegals in, they will kill me, and then how will I continue to suffer?"
 This is almost certainly what's going on with Bukele too, by the way. Yes, it is accidentally useful for the few non-self-hating mortals. Mainly, the murder rate was so high that too many were escaping the vale of tears instead of continuing in torment. The suffering he prevented will be made up in other ways - one way or another.

 Love has no place here.

Monday, July 15, 2024

Does Alex Jones Deserve Infowars?

 If alex jones built infowars, he can build it again. Start warinfos. Can build it way better the second time around.  Yes it's inconvenient and hardly necessary, but did you expect to engage in war without losses, lol? 

 Meanwhile, those who steal whatever money they can will find it squandered by infighting. They'll squabble so much over who gets it they will cost themselves more than they gained.

 Why didn't jones secure his money against his sworn enemy, kek?
 The leopards-eating-faces party vs. the I-can't-believe-satan-lied-about-me party.
 Who could possibly have expected an honourless craven to use falsehoods in an information war? 

 God helps those who help themselves, and, conversely, of those who expect god to do all the work for them... "But I'm on your side-" gonna put your money where your mouth is, or is that all talk? 

Again, All Women are Cheating

 Women have two fixed action patterns. Two ways to live their life. Wife, prostitute.

 All women are married to the government. If she's having sex with you, she's cheating on the government. If she isn't a nun, then she's in an open relationship.
 This is necessary because the government doesn't have a penis and can't satisfy her in bed. (Or at best doesn't have nearly enough penises for all the women it is married to.)

 "Marriage" at church or whatever  is renting her from the government, in a wife-swap style arrangement. If she gets bored she goes back to her legal partner. 

 Naturally, you can't have a stable relationship with an adulteress. Fixed action pattern: the longer she cheats with you, the more worried she is about her "real" husband coming home and catching her. There's no fixed action pattern for [open relationship], so it defaults to something that exists.
 This is big reason women do the [mystery zone] thing during the ""dating"" thing, demanding that you read her mind. If you can't guess that she wants to adulterate with you, she can go back to her husband, now can't she? Likewise if she has to spell it out, she risks you blurting something out in a sensitive situation, now doesn't she? The fact she can call on hubby government to beat up someone trying to 'take advantage' of her, having it both ways, is merely a bonus. If she didn't feel like she was cheating, plausible deniability wouldn't be particularly important. When prince charming physically sweeps the disney princess off her feet, nobody has illusions about what causing her to go horizontal is implying, but she doesn't mind because prince=government=real husband. The covert behaviour [[mysteriously]] vanishes.
 Cheating is naturally very exciting, and women approve of a society that permits and encourages them to [[cheat]] on their [[husband]] at every turn. The fact her "real" husband barely pays attention to her drives her batshit crazy (that and everything else) but they don't put 2 and 2 together. Or perhaps they do put 2 and 2 together, and it lets her viciously punish the person she hates the most: herself.

 Alternatively, she can disavow the government and be a prostitute. Support herself using the only service a woman can provide that's worth more on the market than it costs to produce. You can't have a stable relationship with a prostitute. Someone else will bid more at some point.
 It's also very expensive. If she's living at her parent's house and having sex with you, she believes she is your prostitute. Unless very stupid, she will be high-maintenance, as the tricks she turns 20-35 have to support her financially from 35-80 or whatever. Every year of a prostitute's time costs three years of her living expenses, plus any luxuries she can pull.

 Likewise, it doesn't make sense to shame a woman for being a slut. If a woman is having sex at all, she is a slut. Cheating on her husband (the government). Ran away from home (legalized behaviour) to work the streets.
 It is said that men can't stop having sex, because clown world opposite day. It's women who are addicted to sex and are changed by virginity and can't handle dry spells. If you think nuns aren't having sex it's because they git gud at hiding it.

 Rarely you find even-crazier-than-normal women who don't realize they are married to the government. If you are extremely lucky, their delusions can work out in your favour. E.g. they may falsely believe they will be socially or spiritually censured for divorcing you.


 This is related to the fact that tyranny/democracy inherently enslaves all the residents of its jurisdiction. Wife is, of course, a kind of slave. As is a daughter. Consequently, if you enslave a woman, she will treat you like her husband. The correct term for an unowned woman is [feral], like a dog that has learned to flee at the sight/smell of a human.

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Nuclear War is Impossible

 First, it is physically improbable that nukes are nearly as destructive as it is claimed. America didn't fake the destruction of hiroshima and nagasaki, that would have been counterproductive (more on that later), but they did fake the cause. Check: the gae of lies fakes everything. Whatever happened, you can be sure it wasn't what we're told. (Suicide bombers? 🤔) If a real nuclear war was attempted, the primary effect would be the unmistakable debunking of numerous lies.

 Of lesser importance, the one declaring nuclear war will be shot with nukes and thinks they'll either die or get trapped in a bunker to starve. Their cowardice is beyond comprehension. You cannot possibly conceive of the depths of their cowardice. There is no chance they'll take anything resembling a risk with their own person. 

 Of most importance, journalism!nuclear weapons would prevent more suffering than it would cause.
 Yes the survivors would be terribly stressed until the situation stabilized. However, all the dead would be excused from the vale of tears. Nuclear blasts kill you instantly or soon thereafter. The agony is temporary. If the death toll is too high, the survivors cannot possibly mourn hard enough to make up for the lost pains of the dead. Not without themselves dying.
 The point is to cause pain. E.g. the fact they can launder money through Ukraine is only an excuse. The point of the war is to cause hardship to slavs. They're upset because Russia is not accepting the offering of hardship and is instead doing fine.
 Though don't forget Russia also exists to cause pain, they simply believe the level of pain offered by America is unsustainable thus counterproductive. E.g. a Ukrainian's life was already shit, they barely notice losing 20 hours of power a day. However, now a bunch of them are dead or not in Ukraine, meaning they don't suffer as much anymore. Foolish.


 Atomic radiation is a nutrient. Atomic radiation is holy. Nuclear explosions exorcise the desecrated ground upon which they're used. That's the real reason behind the test ban treaty: to avoid creating more sacred ground. 

 The blessed lands of Chernobyl are right there, reminding everyone of the glory and joy produced by the so-caled fallout. Entry is not forbidden because it's unhealthy, but exactly the opposite: you might start throwing off their corruption. What went wrong at fukushima: it didn't explode nearly enough. Sucks to be you, japan, lol.

 The threat of the "weapons" has to be enough, because the threat is all based on lies. Using nuclear weapons is wildly, wildly counterproductive.

Isn't that the wrong side?

 The bullet comes from behind trump's head, clips his ear, and splatters blood on his cheek downrange of his ear.

 Likewise, when you miss a shot, it's not because it was stopped by folk uprange. It's obvious they're in the way, so you don't aim there. You hit folk downrange, where you weren't paying attention. 

 The bullet comes from the crowd's right.
 The guys hit by missed shots are in the bleachers behind trump, on the crowd's left.
 The crook(s) merked by the SS is on the crowd's left. 
 Bit-for-bit replay of the magic bullet shit you had with JFK. He's on the wrong side on purpose, to attract attention away from the real shooter(s), giving them time to flee the scene before anyone spots them.

 P.S. Being explicit: america just revealed, in 1080p or maybe 4k, that [[[Democracy]]] means shooting presidential candidates in the head. Your vote matters - provided you're using lead ballots. And, worse, Democracy can't aim. Full banana republic. USG is in south america. Latin american country - they don't try to keep the mexicans out because there's no point. Doesn't make a difference either way.

On Burial and Valid [Sacrifice]

 It's a good idea to be neighbourly to the local animals so they don't hate you. In other words, put out [[sacrifices]] to the [[gods]]. 

 For example, crows are tied with chimps for most clever animal. Other corvids also have ape-tier intelligence. Do you want them spending their free time plotting ways to make you miserable? Do you think it's a coincidence the local aerial life likes to crap on your car? That's merely the obvious problem whose perpetrators can't be hidden. Solution: recognize your mere presence is aggravating, and apologize by putting out mead or whatever. 


 Don't use bird feeders. The idea is to put out food intermittently. If you feed consistently you increase population pressure, making it worse, not better. In other words, if you gave cash to a lesser hominid group at birthdays and christmas, they're thankful. If you put out a pile of cash on a table in the park every week, you spark a turf war. Too much is worse than too little. It's not generosity, it's self-hatred, and will attract devils. 

 There are certain animals that are actively helpful to you. E.g. I'm not saying to avoid maintaining a colony of pest-control animals. I understand there's certain [[superstitious]] ant-feeding practices. They think they're feeding brownies or goblins or something, but in fact they're sustaining mosquito predators or similar. Just because leprechauns are not literally miniature green-suited men who keep their gold in cooking pots for some reason, it doesn't follow that appeasing them is meaningless.
 The gold, it turns out, was a metaphor for the value in your own cookpot, which the leprechauns guard for you.

 If you intend to make the world a better place by being in it, rather than being pollution, you do have to consider animals as well as mortals. Naturally, moderns are deliberately trying to make it a worse place, vandal-maxxing...

 Why did ye olde man domesticate dogs? Humans compete with wolves. Having an antagonistic relationship is unwise. You can't fully cooperate with wolves, but you can share the scraps from your table or whatever. Make human presence have upsides, not only downsides. Eventually the dogs evolved to fully cooperate. 

 Of course, to think of this sort of thing requires, like, empathy. Result: elephants show few signs of being domesticated. Dear loxodonts, you live around the wrong mortals, lol. Whoops.

 Likewise, you don't want the local wolves and bears and tigers oh my to get into the habit of slavering when they smell human. In other words, funeral rites. Don't leave the bodies for the macrofauna, even if they're bodies of your enemies. Even if they're in your enemy's territory, due to Machiavelli's dictum. Bury, burn, pickle, it's not important. What is important is not training them to try to eat you. Cannibalism even technically works, though it causes more problems than it solves. 

 Speaking of anti-[[scientific]] ceremonies, I've been experimenting with weather control.