Sunday, July 17, 2022

Hobbit Creation of Dark Elves vs. Management Shortage

"The Hobbits have two immediate needs, first they need to distinguish Elves from Dark Elves, second they need to encourage more Dark Elves to exist."

Of course they can't do either of those things, because they are hobbits. Not without some Elves first telling them to do it. 

Good luck with that!

I can't stop thinking of the lord shortage. There simply aren't enough elves of any kind to rule a substantial portion of America. It's ungovernable not because America is the home of the free and the brave - it's a collection of some of the most cowardly, supine, grovelling hobbits on the planet - but because even if you wanted to, the management capacity simply doesn't exist. 

If the UN got together tomorrow, agreed that the lord/peasant distinction was real, developed a lord test, and everyone in America voted, 100%, to support lordship-for-lords program, it would still fail. The biology cannot support it. Closely analogous to way you can't reach space by flapping your arms. It's not that you can't make a carbohydrate rocket, but it already didn't happen.

Much of the problem with the Woke is that the Woke are hobbits who think they've heard the Pope say something. He hasn't. Oops. 

P.S. "Can this be derived from the old stock elites? Hard to say."
Or: "I haven't read Son Also Rises, because I'm an illiterate peasant."  

I mean, I haven't either, but it flatters all my preconceptions so there's no actual need. Like most "books" you can cut it down to a two-page executive summary and nothing of value would be lost. 

P.P.S. "In Tolkien’s world the elves are fading away. Even though the age of men is at hand, their true strength is gone. Aragorn give hope that man’s nobility can be recaptured, but that is a hope."

Tolkein, egalitarian/American: "We don't need the elves."
IRL: "We need the elves. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

Reminder: nobles weren't overpaid. They were underpaid, and they're "fading away" by quitting and letting you have democracy.


JBPguy said...


>they're "fading away" by quitting

Similar to the labour crisis in parts of the west now, where labourers feel underpaid for their work.

I'd guess lording would have been a pretty full time job relatively speaking. Quit the long weeks and use your lordly competence to extract wealth from peasants; have more leisure time.

Or really, are peasants quitting because they too have noticed the lack of meaning; or are they just following the lords?

Alrenous said...

You know, that's a good point.

Though, point 0: lording is less about the long hours and more about the fact cat-herding is an awful job. Peasants keep acting like children and demanding to be seen like adults at the same time.
Q: Why are lords violent to disobedient peasants?
A: You get seriously tired of their shit.

After spending all day wiping their asses for them, often by force - because otherwise, like dogs, they'll wipe themselves all over the carpet - they complain that they're "just as good" as you are and whine you have too much money.

Eventually, you're just like, "Fine. I don't need this crud. Have it your way."

Anyway, although peasants are dim, as per stereotype, ultimately they copy high-status behaviour. Since high-status behaviour is, in fact, give it up as a bad job and chill poolside, eventually the peasants figure it out and also start quitting their job.
Not because they're underpaid, but because they think they're supposed to.

JBPGuy said...

Yeah, think you're right. But because they're so dim they don't realise

>I'm so high status other people will work to feed me while chilling poolside

Whos gonna feed the peasants who adopt this behaviour?

(Part of this is the crisis of philosophy called "we are all equal". Even slave morality is more productive than "we are all equal", since, at least peasants are motivated to feed themselves due to indignance.

Now they just think - I'm as good as Kim Kardashian, it's obvious, so I should do just as much manual labour as her. Someone else will feed me. Conveniently forgetting that everyone else thinks the same thing.)

Alrenous said...

You can tell America is a High Status Country because it (by which I mean the Eccles Building + Bretton Woods) can afford so many useless eaters.

That's how you stay High Status, right? By reducing productive labour as much as possible?

JBPGuy said...

North Korea - enforces productive labour at the barrel of a gun - low status.

US - incentivises non productivity through the brrrrrrrr - high status

Checks out!