Monday, August 1, 2022

Holocaust and Antisemitism as Mortality Salience for Jews

Mortality salience leads to group selection. When folk are neurotic enough to be terrified, they clump together Borg style, trying to become a mass of identical NPCs. 

Jews are perhaps smart enough to do this to themselves on purpose to retain their clannishness in the fact of State persecution of clannishness. 

Likewise, antisemites, especially the most (rhetorically) violent antisemites, help enforce the ingroupishness norms. "If you stray from us you'll be picked off by yourself." 

P.S. Ultimately da joos don't matter and you can go ahead and forget they exist. They don't matter because they are weak, but even if they weren't, the solution is the same regardless of whether they exist or not, so it still wouldn't matter.

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JBPGuy said...

They're weak as they haven't learned that grouping together on racial terms and being visibly powerful as a group makes one a constant target.

Doesn't matter how much you try to justify great power without commensurate responsibility - doesn't matter how good your arguments are.

Eventually the revolution comes.