Saturday, August 6, 2022

Alchemy of Socrates

Socrates: "Hey guys, you need to answer these questions."
Athens: "No we fucking don't."
Gnon: "Yes you fucking do."


The history of western philosophy is a series of footnotes to Plato. That's bad, because Plato did not correctly answer Socrates' questions. 

The history of western politics is simply Athens, repeated again and again: failing to even make a good-faith attempt to answer Socrates' questions, and Gnon remarking, each time, that this is not good enough. 

Socrates' questions are not hard to answer. With Aristotle's additions, it's downright trivial. Athens would have had to learn Logos to answer Socrates in the flesh. Aristotle gave them Episteme, honouring the imperial might of physics. 

That was a lie: Athens didn't need Logos to answer Socrates. The problem was that they already knew the answers but didn't like them. They didn't have Logos because they already threw it away; honouring Logos would have required them to submit to the wisdom represented by Socrates. Socrates asked the questions because he knew they could not admit the answers were they answers. 

Satanism exactly as Christianity describes: rebellion against Existence per se. 

The root of all things is Existence per se.
(P.S. Q: How dumb is Academic philosophy? A: It's necessary to point out Existence is the root.)

The criminal primarily victimizes their neighbours, because they're close. Likewise, when someone rejects Existence, the first Existence rejected is the closest one; they reject themselves. Their own Cosmos. It is inherently an ideology of suffering and failure.

Speaking of Christianity, it's a failed answer to Socrates' questions. Specifically a limited hangout. Europeans have latched onto it as a close approximation of a falsification to Socrates' answers that doesn't immediately get them killed. Sadly, Gnon is merciful, or at least lazy, so it is possible to approximate a falsification of something which is in fact true.

Christians like Plato due to being brothers in error. Sneaky rebels instead of honourable forthright rebels.
"I'm not really rebelling against you, daddy Gnon! I'm totally trying my best!"
Gnon: "No you fucking aren't."

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