Sunday, April 17, 2022

Unz is Fake-Serious

Very [internet] and worst of both worlds. 

You're not supposed to joke around and have a laugh - it's supposed to be a Serious publication about Serious issues. Trolling is bad! Don't do it! Only you still can't get any work done. Comment section serves to blow off steam, and that's about it.

There's no canon. No responsibility. Feel a bit like Plato describing aristocracy here - I've never seen a publication where you can get work done, so a bit fuzzy on what exactly it's missing.

Clearly fake, though. I do hate calling everything Satanist all the time, but fake is as fake does. 

I guess, let's refer to the Amish. No bishop? No community. There isn't any convention. No norms. No culture. You can't build on what you've said before.

Herd behaviour at best, not pack behaviour.
Good fences make good neighbours - no fences make no neighbours: it's total Hobbesian war. Nasty, brutish, and only not short because it's limited to textual exchanges.

Without responsibility of some sort or another, all opinions are whims. Surface-only. You can't become educated, it's a buffet. "I'll take some of this, and some of that..."
From another angle, every article is supposed to be "accessible," relying on little to no background knowledge. Less profound than a puddle. Having depth would exclude some readers. It would discriminate against part of your possible audience! A good Fascist can't have that, now can they? 

It's not a place to grow and learn. It's a place to stagnate and cuck. It's not a place to become more than what you were yesterday, it's Cope with a capital C. Instead of finding a way to live your own life, it's about obsessing over what the Regime is doing. Okay you're being disagreeable instead of agreeable, but reversed foolishness isn't wisdom. If you take a shitty painting and invert the hues you just get a shitty painting that looks a bit weird; trapping you in the false dichotomy is one of Satan's finest tricks.
No wonder it's so happy about anti-semites. A perfect example of the intended purpose: running away from a trap, directly into another trap. 

The only constructive purpose of such places is to find prey to troll.

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