Sunday, April 24, 2022

Hypothetical Pandemic Conspiracy

If your conspiracy doesn't sound venal and stupid, it's unrealistic.

Here's my stupid and venal ncov conspiracy theory: slow news day. 

The Journalists knew they were going to have a news slowdown what with Trump being ousted. As a result, they desperately cast around for something to panic over. When China flipped their lid about a minor virus in that inimitable Chinese way, the Journalists found something.

After double-checking that it was genuinely harmless, they hyped the living shit out of it. (Wouldn't want to have to answer to Satan in the afterlife for telling truths, after all.) And damn did their customers buy it. 

Hence the "pandemic." Entirely invented - because Journalists like ad dollars. 

Everything except the Chicken Little [sky is falling] stuff was merely folk leaping to take advantage of opportunities as they arose. Fauci got to run his mouth off the leash. Pfizer got a lovely liquid investment vehicle - remember they frequently got paid twice per vaccine dose delivered, because government efficiency. Karens got to indulge their lack of compulse control. Journalists got Impact when "regulators" got on board. Et cetera.

Supply. Demand. The market knows.


Kgaard said...

This is such a bad interpretation I may have to remove you from my blog-roll. It is either malevolently oblivious or extremely misinformed (i.e. a sub-110 tier analysis).

Alrenous said...

I don't want to be on your blogroll. You don't contribute. I lose nothing but some clutter.

Here's my stupid and venal conspiracy theory: I wrote this to jostle you into giving me a chance to say so.