Tuesday, June 21, 2022

"The Pill Destroyed Marriage"

"And so, they go from the 18th century of [the upper class] having three children per family, per person, down to having one by the time we get to the decade of the 1850s."

Ah yes, the 1825-era progesterone pill.
It was such a black site op even the people taking it didn't know they were taking it.

P.S. It really is a night and day difference between professionals and amateurs. Knowing things vs. knowing buttfuck all. There's no gradient.


Anonymous said...

Be great if you would point me to more info on the 1825-era pill. TYVM

Alrenous said...

In England, marriage was nationalized in 1836. Before that, the State did not meddle in marriages. E.g. you were allowed to inherit things from your parents without the State's permission. After, marriage lived up to the high quality standards Communism always lives up to.

Fascism and Egalitarianism as per usual.

Under egalitarianism, the upper classes are sinners. They inspire envy. They're not supposed to do things like reproduce. Obediently, they don't. I don't know all the details of how it manifested at that time, but the birthrate data guarantees for us that it did.

Anonymous said...

Must be space rays frying my brain, completely overlooked the pill as metaphor. Thanks for the insights.

Alrenous said...

Did you know about the Roman pill that wasn't a metaphor at all? It's a now-extinct plant called silphium. The heart symbol comes from the shape of its seeds.

Romans thought "free" love was so important the Senate had a strategic vault of silphium.

Either they harvested it to extinction or it was a sterile hybrid plant, like a mule.

Anonymous said...

Reading up on that revealed it was doubleplusgood for “growths on the anus”.
At which point, coffee was spewed.
Ahh, good times.
Thanks again for the knowledge.

Alrenous said...

A story of the Dioscuri staying at a house belonging to Phormion, a Spartan: "For it so happened that his maiden daughter was living in it. By the next day this maiden and all her girlish apparel had disappeared, and in the room were found images of the Dioscuri, a table, and silphium upon it."

Apparently Castor and Pollux's mother was a slut. Rarely, a woman's ovaries can release two eggs at the same time, and this is one way to get fraternal twins. If two men run a train on the mother in quick succession, they can have different fathers.

Then the Dioscuri turn out to be cads or rakes. The world, she is a mysterious place.

Anonymous said...

The more I am awakened to our civilization’s past, the less outrageous Jerry Springer, et al, becomes.
Once again, thankful for the sharing of knowledge.

Alrenous said...

Oh right, ice cream. (In a bit.)

When I first read the story, I though it meant some 14-year-old threw away her stuffed toys because she was an "adult" now, and kept a picture of her fly-by-night "lover(s)" instead. The maiden herself didn't disappear, merely her maidenhood. I like to think she drew the portrait herself.

But it's okay, see, because she didn't get preggers.

Though recall marriage et al disappeared 100 years before our modern pill.

"And all of this goes back to how people were called cranks for correctly foretelling in the 1910s that ice cream parlors would be the decay and ruin of society."

Basically, America, just like Rome 1.0, was already full of degenerate sluttery long before the pill was found. It appeared due to demand; degeneracy didn't appear due to the technology.

"Foretelling" fatal levels of degeneracy in 1910 was already more a retrodiction rather than a prediction. Before single motherhood was State-subsidized and it became legal to live in sin, the shotgun marriage rate was already going through the roof, because Americans couldn't be arsed to keep it in their pants.

See also: in 1909s the NAACP was founded. It more than doubled the Bantu bastardy rate.
A bit weaksauce compared to civil rights, but they tried hard.

JBPguy said...

It would be more fair to claim "the pill destroyed marriage for the holdouts who still saw the value in marriage".