Thursday, April 19, 2012

Individualism Rubble

The process of finding and fixing that contradiction seems to have lethally wounded my motivation to write up an article proper. I would like to be better about doing what I say I'd do, though, so you get this.

Another perspective on the same events; I invited reality to kick me in the teeth, and reality obliged.

"Notably, La Wik has only the vaguest idea what it is"

Nope, sorry. I still think it's misleading. I still think it needs to tone the abstraction level down about two thirds. I still think it is anemic and waffling. I think it has other flaws. However, none of this is ignorance, just stylistic flaws, and frankly par for the course on Wikipedia.

"I can't even find a Stanford Encyclopedia entry."

Oh hey, look at that. I particularly remember Aretae using the term, though it also came up before and after.

I also used the concept, if not the label. I'm not sure if that overall reflects well or badly on me.

In fact, reality is so obliging about teeth-kicking I find that being incautious about my pronouncements is a fast and easy way to learn, though requiring a metaphorical chin guard.

Emphasis mine,
"These muddled notions played an important historical role in the development of later evolutionary theory, error calling forth correction; like the folly of English kings provoking into existence the Magna Carta and constitutional democracy."
I don't think the process is supposed to work without intentional human intervention, but it seems to work for me.

I often write to find out how I really think. Sometimes it is pretty surprising. Sometimes, reality is pretty surprised, and has a habit of letting me know.