Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Environmentalist Catastrophism is Fast Life Strategy

"Live fast, die young."

In other words, their genes are telling them to risk it all to breed quickly and expect to be dead soon. When you get a bunch of them together, such as the kind of activist who likes to pretend to be green, they all feel impending doom and reinforce each other's short life expectancy.

Result: they all fervently believe their (solipsistic) world is going to end, which they then attribute to aerial plant food or forestry or whatever, because attributing it to these things might divert money and power (but I repeat myself) to their paymasters.

Company Scrip?

Was company scrip banned because peasants can't do basic accounting, or was it banned because it was actually a good thing?

If someone can't do accounting, they need someone to take care of them. Sure they're forced to shop at the company store, but, likewise, by locking them in, the company has a vested interest in selling them things to make them healthier and raise morale and such. 

A real person faced with company scrip does this: "Okay, how many USD can I sell these for?" Next: convert salary to USD. "Oh I see, you're paying 60% below average in my field. Sorry, anyone that desperate is already working at proverbial McDonald's or for the government." 

I'm reminded of how the Regressive Inquisition banned lodge doctors, "solving" the problem of cheap medicine impacting the APA's prestige by association. If it's good for the poor it gets banned right quick. If it's bad usually they double down.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Double conspiracy / ironic plot twist: Milton didn't tell you Satan rebelled against Gnon when Gnon told him his job was to punish sinners. Satan wanted to be merciful instead.

Whelp. Sucks to be him, I guess. 

It's California's World, You Just Live There

Speaking of California making the entire internet and driving away any non-Californians, California also drives car design and toilet design. Presumably lots more, but I can confirm those two.

In cold places, the California-designed cars rust from road salt. Nobody can do anything about this, because it would mean not slavishly grovelling to California. 

California has a water shortage. Therefore, the entire world has to have "low-flow" toilets that don't, like, flush. I haven't checked, but this is likely a main driver behind washing machine degradation too. California remains certain that price fixing doesn't result in shortages...


Speaking of presuming, this strongly implies Boston also has radically disproportionate influence on products and services. 

Monday, October 25, 2021

Americans study Naziology to prove the Regressive Inquisition isn't Fascist. Their argument: not-Hitler.

They are Fascist, so even if what they have to say is true, it's off-topic. It's fine to pay no attention to American Naziology whatsoever.

Heritability Doesn't Mean Caused by Genes

It is possible to make genes more or less prone to mutation; even without evidence, we can assume Nature turns mutation up and down as convenient. E.g. sharks don't get cancer because the mutation settings are all at the minimum. E.g. the genes in the grass monkey brain actively reshuffle themselves even after genetic recombination, which is why IQ is 80% heritable instead of 100% heritable. 

There's also the height thing. Height is 80% heritable even though it's 100% genetic, because malnutrition or sleep deprivation can stunt you.

As a result (assuming you're not Judith Harris) heritability means both genes cause the trait and that the genes you use are a linear combination of the genes your parents are using. Even a quadratic combination puts heritability below 100%. (If you are Judith Harris you're either a fraud or incompetent. Sadly not limited to this one example.)

Political beliefs measure at around 30% heritable. This is almost certainly due to having the mutation setting on high, plus nonlinear effects from gene combination, plus nonlinear sensitivity to environment. You can safely predict someone's voting pattern by looking at their face for 5 seconds. It's biological and it's not subtle.
We can easily see that environment is a big factor; if you're predisposed to believe in communism but Karl Marx hasn't written his book yet, it's hard to believe in communism. George Orwell was predisposed to believe in "socialism" but his beliefs changed as a result of being exposed to socialism.
Changing your mind is also largely a genetic skill, which is an example of nonlinearity. Scientists measure beliefs by Scientist-assigned verbal category, not by subjective category, meaning the ability to change your mind based on evidence (possibly a relative 5% of the belief genome) can radically change your beliefs according to papers or studies.

We already know genes in the brain shuffle themselves a second time. This is because rolling the dice for high IQ is so valuable that it's worth the risk of getting snake eyes twice. Humans in particular are good at tolerating bad rolls due to being at the top of the food chain and having ecological dominance in general. Likewise the benefit for being a top human is huge. Grass monkeys are under strong upside selection pressure all the time. This is the reason dire apes are so prone to cancer.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Supply Chain is Fine; the Law is Not

In shocking news, it turns out economics works fine but is illegal.

"He can’t take the containers off the chassis because he’s not allowed by the city of Long Beach zoning code to store empty containers more than 2 high in his truck yard. If he violates this code they’ll shut down his yard altogether."

By the way the fact there's a single huge port is also down to legal buggery. The fewer ports there are, the more legible it is to the Regime. If there's a bunch of ports, some of them might not e.g. know who needs to be bribed. We can't have that, now can we? The trash takes itself out, though: the ports that fail to bribe properly will be found to be violation of some code or another, and be shut down altogether. 

By contrast, those know who to bribe can chuck a post-it note or whatever into the container, and then it won't be "empty" anymore.

It's rather likely that the reason there's so much friction is because the hint-hint nudge-nudge way you have to tell folk about bribes is a slow system. These yards don't know who they need to bribe, nor how much. They can't just throw money around, because a) they'll run out (Kelly criterion) and because b) their competitor might work out who to bribe more cheaply, and undercut them. 

The system of bribes that keeps the economy even vaguely functional in the face of overwhelming regulation is not flexible enough to withstand even minor hiccups. This will only get worse as the parasite class infights ever more viciously over the ever-shrinking pie. 

P.S. Have you met your [impressive naivete] quota for today?
"I'd be happy to lead this effort for the federal or state government if asked. Leadership is the missing ingredient at this point."
No Timmy those toys aren't yours. You can't play with them.