Friday, August 12, 2011

Truth is not Beauty's Enemy

Progressive philosophy is thoroughly twisted. As a philosophy of those in power, it serves power-grabs, not truth. In this example, it convinces the plebes to give up their own desires in favour of 'reason,' as officially defined. Since the philosophy so consistently trumpets the opposite of the truth, you can be sure that progressive power is the opposite of legitimate.

"The careful analytical thoughts I had hours before now seem, no matter what their care or basis, trivial and small by comparison."
It was hubris all along to think that these ridiculous abstractions were more than a hobby, to pass the time. The whole point of any healthy system is to put more beauty in the world. Most abstract analyses can add at most marginally, and even then only with meticulous attention to detail.
"This all horrifies the part of me that wants to believe what is true, based on some coherent and fair use of reasons and analysis."
"It horrifies me that I might like likeable things."

Progressive philosophy is specifically about having scholars in power. Naturally anything that conflicts with scholar status hierarchies must be 'horrifying,' while complicated abstract thought is disturbingly lionized.
"If I needed to believe beauty was stronger or more moral or better for the world, reasons would be found"
Uhhh...if your morality isn't beautiful, you're doing it wrong. If your strength isn't beautiful, you're doing it wrong. Imagine the counterfactual; the ugly, dirty, parochial baseness of Soviet daily life was in fact the pinnacle of morality. Imagine that the pride the Victorian Englishman had in a clean, well-maintained house, however modest, was misplaced pride. In this world, morality would be purposeless or even counter-productive. The point of morality is to improve subjective well-being, to remove ugliness and allow the true beauty of the world to shine through; if that counter-factual were true, we'd have to invent something new to replace our defective morality.

The only time to choose ugliness over beauty is in a local sense. Sometimes, it is impossible to beautify one thing except by uglifying much else. In these cases, allow instead that local ugliness to stand for all the beauty we're not destroying by allowing it to be.

Let's run the beauty bias through this purpose filter.

All these 'analytical thoughts,' such as this most disturbing conception of 'beauty bias,' are in fact barriers to realizing that the world is already quite beautiful. Aside from one caveat, a contented, rich life full of that beauty sensation is already possible for nearly everyone - without thinking one single 'analytical thought.'

You don't need to be exactly right, or even roughly right. Ignorance and happiness are far from incompatible. The only good reason for pursuing philosophy is because you like doing it. I submit as obvious that uglifying your own life by actively opposing beauty like that is not worth the minor increases in beauty others can expect from advances in abstract analytics.

Therefore, not only is being wary of beauty unnecessary, it is actually counter-productive.

The caveat being the endemic violent busybodies that will constantly shove their selfish desires down your throat, and their handmaiden sophistry, which causes most observers to take their side over yours if you object.

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